A Georgia Court Awards a Massive $280 Million Verdict to Victim’s Family

A fatal accident in 2016 left a family devastated when five members of the family lost their lives. Now three years later, a Georgia court awards a massive $280 million verdict to victim’s family.

More About the Accident

The accident occurred in Russell County in July 2016. However, the family filed a lawsuit in Georgia where the company is based.

According to reports, the family was traveling in an SUV when a truck, owned by Schnitzer Steel’s subdivision Schnitzer Southeast, rammed into the vehicle killing all five people including two children, their mother, their grandmother, and grandmother’s twin sister.

The lawsuit was filed by Judy Madere, the children’s grandmother. The family claimed that the truck driver, Kenneth Cathey, failed to apply the brakes causing the truck to struck the family’s vehicle.

According to the family, the driver was drowsy and not in a position to drive due to a lack of sleep. The family also submitted evidence to back up their claims. However, the driver denied the story. He is currently battling criminal charges.

A Fatal Accident

According to reports, this was one of the most fatal accidents to have occurred in the area. The court only took about 40 minutes to reach a decision, announcing a 280 million verdict against both Schnitzer Steel and Schnitzer Southeast.

Several more cases involving the accident and victims were filed and are awaiting trial. Moreover, some cases were settled outside of the court by the two parties.

What the Company Has to Say

Schnitzer Steel took complete responsibility for the accident but the company intends to appeal the decision, claiming the judgment to be unfair and full of errors.

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