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Tragically, speeding is not uncommon; everyone speeds at some point in their lives. Some people speed almost daily on American roads and highways, Georgia being no exception. 

However, regardless of how many drivers normalize speeding, driving beyond the speed limit is a criminal offense. If you sustain injuries because of a speeding driver, you are entitled to pursue damages. Proving liability in a speeding accident can be especially challenging and often requires a skilled and experienced Fayetteville speeding accident lawyer. 

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How Does Speeding Increase the Likeliness of Causing an Accident?

Speeding involves driving beyond the speed limit and driving too fast for the prevailing circumstances, e.g., Speeding on a bend. For example, you increase your chances of crashing when you negotiate a corner at high speed. When you are speeding, you have a very short distance for reacting and braking, thus increasing your chances of causing an accident. 

How Can I Prove That the Driver That Hit Me Was Speeding?

When you are injured in a speeding accident, the at-fault driver may try to avoid blame by claiming that they were not speeding at the time of the crash. However, there are several ways to prove that other motorists caused your injuries through speeding. The following pieces of evidence can help verify the at-fault driver’s speed and prove that it leads to the accident:

Data From Onboard Electronic Devices (Black Box)

Thanks to technology, a good number of cars are equipped with modern devices that record data like the speed before the collision, steering use, seat belt use, brake and gas pedal use, and whether the driver stepped on the brakes. This information is stored in the vehicle’s EDR (electronic data recorder), usually referred to as the black box, and can be retrieved after a crash. This data can be vital in proving that the other driver was speeding.  

Dash Camera Videos

Dashcams are onboard video cameras that drivers use to record themselves or their journeys. They have become so popular that trucking companies and commercial vehicles are using them more and more. After a crash, if you or the at-fault driver was using a dashcam, you can ask the at-fault party’s insurer to preserve the videos. The saved videos may be used to prove that the at-fault driver was indeed speeding, leading to the accident. 


You can also prove that the other driver was speeding through witness statements. As long as the grounds for such a claim are strong, witnesses in Georgia can support your version of events and give statements to show that the vehicle was speeding. 

How Long Do I Have to Make a Speeding Car Accident Claim in Georgia?

As per O.C.G.A § 9-3-33, individuals injured in speeding car accidents in Georgia have only two years from the crash date to file a claim. You will be denied the opportunity to pursue compensation for your injuries if you fail to file your speeding accident claim before the statute of limitations elapses.  

Your Fayetteville speeding accident lawyer will ensure your claim is filed within the stipulated time. 

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Speeding Accident?

Here are some of the ways our team at Wade Law will help with your claim:

Accurately Assess Your Damages

Determining the severity of an auto accident victim’s injuries or estimating the level of medical care they need immediately after an accident can be challenging. Victims often underestimate their medical expenses and ask for too little compensation for their injuries. Usually, the amount isn’t enough to cater to all expenses, and the victims end up having to pay many bills from their own pockets. 

You can avoid this nightmare scenario by working with the attorneys from Wade Law. We will extensively analyze your injuries and ask healthcare practitioners for estimates allowing us to demand adequate compensation from the liable party. 

Gather Evidence

To build a strong case, you need to have strong evidence. An attorney can help build a strong case by compiling evidence from police accident reports, medical records, witness statements, camera footage, etc., to prove that the at-fault driver owed you a duty of care but violated it, causing your life-altering speeding accident injury. 

Since we have spent many years handling such cases, our speeding accident lawyers know how, where, and from whom to retrieve evidence. We will be more than glad to use our skills and knowledge to help you. 

Handle Settlement Negotiations

When your speeding crash commences, you may be offered a settlement deal by the other party’s insurance carrier. Of course, they will start with a low offer, and you might need to negotiate a little to get them to up their settlement offer. 

The attorneys at Wade Law have been negotiating settlements with insurance carriers in Georgia for many years. As such, we are seasoned negotiators and can convince insurers to improve the financial terms of their settlement offers. When you retain our services, we will use our experience and every legal option and negotiation tactic at our disposal to get you the best deal possible. 

If you need an experienced Fayetteville car accident attorney to help with your speeding accident claim, look no further than Wade Law. Our experienced speeding accident lawyers have helped many speeding auto accident victims and can help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. 


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How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Fayetteville Speeding Accident Lawyer?

At Wade Law, our speeding accident attorneys take cases on contingency. This means you pay us a percentage of your settlement award only if we win your case. If we fail to win, you don’t owe us any attorney fees. 

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