Can I File a Personal Injury Claim after a Peachtree City Car Accident?

Were you involved in a Peachtree City car accident and you are wondering if you should file a personal injury claim? The answer will depend on the particularities of your case, but it is important to know your rights and options from the beginning.

The best way to find out what these are is to have a Peachtree City auto accident attorney review your case. Many professionals in Fayette County offer free case reviews, so you do not have to spend any money. Besides legal advice, you will also obtain an objective perspective on the recent event, and the benefits do not stop here.

Key benefits of Hiring a Peachtree City Car Accident Attorney

As the victim of an accident, you probably feel overwhelmed, worried about future expenses, frustrated that you are suffering the consequences of an event you did not cause. If you hire an attorney, you’ll have someone who understands what you are going through on your side. They will take over most of the stress and pressure, and help you enjoy several valuable benefits, like:

  • Counting on someone who knows Georgia personal injury law and claim-filing procedures like the back of their hand
  • Letting them handle the paperwork and the investigations in your place  
  • Relying on skilled negotiator and not risking to settle for a lower compensation than you deserve
  • Having your interests defended in court, even against experienced attorneys
  • Saving valuable time and effort
  • Obtaining a higher compensation, etc.

To ensure a productive first meeting with the lawyer you are considering, provide all the details of the wreck. If possible, bring along copies of your medical records, of the police’s Accident Report, and of any photos and statements you may have from the Peachtree City car accident scene. This will help them determine whether you are entitled to file for personal injury or not, and what your success chances are.

Let’s assume you have found a reliable attorney, and they confirm that you have a case. Deciding to hire them is only the beginning of a long and arduous process. The good news is they will take over most of the hassle, as detailed in the following lines.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim after a Peachtree City Car Accident

To initiate the personal injury case, you will have to follow several steps, detailed below.

1. The Initial Personal Injury Complaint

You (your lawyer) will have to write a complaint that explains the case details, including:

  • The parties involved in the Peachtree City car wreck (the plaintiff and the defendant)
  • The legal basis for your case
  • Your claims against the defendant
  • Facts and evidence supporting your claim
  • Judgment demand and desired outcome (damages).

2. The Summons to the Defendant

As a result of your complaint, the party responsible for your Peachtree City car accident will receive a court order notifying them that you have brought suit against them. The summons usually stipulates the court judging the case, the details of the complaint, and the deadline for the defendant to respond.

3. The Defendant’s Answer to Your Complaint

The defendant can respond to your allegations in writing or pursue a case dismissal. If they do not respond in due time, the court will find them guilty by default. In their response, the defendant can admit to your Peachtree car accident claims, deny them, or even file a counterclaim to which you have the option to respond in writing.

4. Deciding Whether to Go to Trial

Peachtree City, Georgia Lawyer for Auto Accidents
If you have been injured in an auto accident in Peachtree city, contact Wade Law for a consultation!

Since trials can be quite long and tiresome, the parties and their lawyers often prefer to avoid them by filing a motion or reaching a settlement. The settlement obviously involves accepting the amount the defendant proposes as compensation for the injuries and losses you sustained due to the Peachtree City car accident they caused.

Motions can be of two types: summary judgment and default judgment. The former involves asking the judge to review the facts and give a verdict and is usually suitable in cases where the fault is obvious. The latter is worth filing when the defendant fails to answer the above-mentioned complaint and summons in due time. The judge should rule in your favor and find the defendant guilty.  

5. Accepting a Settlement

If the defendant offers you a reasonable settlement, you can accept it. However, your decision of whether to accept it or not should take into account a few aspects:

  • Does the settlement amount come anywhere close to the damages you claimed?
  • Will the amount cover your already incurred and future expenses, and your lawyer’s fee?
  • How long would the trial take, and what would your chances of winning be?
  • What does your Peachtree City car accident lawyer recommend?

Most personal injury plaintiffs agree to settle, fearing the time, effort, and expenses going to trial would require.

6. Going to Trial

The trial includes several steps:

  • The selection of the jury
  • The opening statements
  • The testimonies of the witnesses and parties involved in the Peachtree City car accident
  • The lawyers’ closing arguments
  • The deliberation and the verdict

Unfortunately, obtaining a favorable verdict does not mean actually receiving the money to which you are now legally entitled.

7. Payment Collection

Sometimes, the defendant does not have the financial resources to cover the damages approved by the court. Your lawyer can help you assess the defendant’s payment capacity and finance sources. They can also help you choose the most efficient payment collection method. Popular options are:

  • Accepting monthly payments representing a percentage of the income of the defendant
  • Collecting small amounts from the defendant’s bank account over a predetermined term
  • Requiring law enforcement assistance to remove money or assets from the defendant’s property

Contact a Peachtree City Car Accident Attorney Now

In order to enjoy all the above benefits and receive assistance with the detailed steps, it is important to hire an experienced attorney. You should look for a reputed professional who has handled numerous Peachtree City car accident and personal injury cases, an advocate of the people, with settlements of millions of dollars in their portfolio.

The Wade Law Firm, and has been activating in Fayette County and all over Georgia for over two decades, and has the experience you need to succeed in your case. Contact Wade Law Firm now for a review your Peachtree City car accident case details.

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