How Much Can I Expect To Get Paid in a Georgia Accident Lawsuit?

A driver in Georgia who causes a car wreck because he or she chooses to engage in careless behavior may be held legally responsible for paying compensation to the injured victims in the wreck. This compensation (sometimes called “damages”) is designed to help you as the injured victim (as much as is possible) return to a financial state similar to the state you were in before the injury occurred.

Courts are not medical providers and thus they cannot make you feel better. All that the court can do is award money. This will help you pay for the medical treatment you needed, reimburse you for expenses such as lost wages you have suffered, and pay you for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the wreck. If you have no losses or expenses, there is nothing the court can do for you.

Although these elements appear simple, proving that each of them is “more likely true than not” can be challenging.   Jonathan Wade has spent his career spending hours with clients just like you to make sure that all of the evidence and witnesses in your case are presented correctly by creating a trial strategy that presents the available information in a powerful and persuasive manner. Call the Fayetteville car accident lawyers at Wade Law now to get started proving your case.

What Compensation Can I Receive in a Georgia Car Wreck Lawsuit?

Compensatory damages are awarded to a car wreck injury victim who successfully proves his or her case in court. These damages include money meant to help the victim pay for expenses and losses such as:

  • Medical bills and ongoing medical needs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost future earnings;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Property damage; and/or
  • Any other loss or expense that can be causally connected to your injury wreck.

Unlike compensatory damages that seek to restore an injury victim’s financial situation, punitive damages (when available) are meant to punish the at-fault driver for conduct that is deemed to have been deliberate or conducted with a conscious disregard for the likely outcome or effects of the course of action. Punitive damages are not strictly tied to the amount of loss or expense experienced by the injury victim: in some cases, punitive damages can exceed the compensatory damages awarded to the victim. Jonathan Wade has handled hundreds of cases in his career involving both compensatory and punitive damages. He can therefore fully help protect your interests to ensure that all damages that you are entitled to are recovered. Call Jon now to make sure you receive all that you are entitled to receive.

It is important that you properly document and present the amount of damages you are requesting in your lawsuit. The court will want to see not only the amount of damages you suffered but also how each amount claimed as damages is connected to the car wreck. Once you have been awarded compensation through your lawsuit, you are generally unable to go back and request more compensation simply because you did not properly document your losses or did not request a sufficient amount at the outset. Jonathan Wade has spent his career developing and presenting all of the evidence for people just like you to make sure that they received everything. It is therefore important that you have an experienced car wreck lawyer like Jon handling your case to make sure you do not miss fully recovering your damages, past, present, and future. Call Wade Law today to make sure you get it all.

Wrongful Death Claims

If your loved one died in a car wreck caused by another person’s carelessness, the accident attorneys at Wade Law can help you and your family bring a claim to recover what is known as “the full value of the life” of the person who died. There are particular rules dictating who can legally bring the claim; not just anyone in the family can legally do so. In addition, the deceased person’s estate may be able to bring a claim for the estate’s last expenses and for pain and suffering if the person lived for a period of time before dying. Likewise, there are legal rules that govern who and how the estate’s claims can be brought. As such, there are particular rules involved in wrongful death cases. Jonathan Wade has successfully handled many wrongful death claims in his career, call Jon now so that he can advise you and your family through this complex claim.

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