Can Insurance Companies Follow Me Around After a Car Accident in Georgia?

The most disturbing feeling is probably the feeling of being watched by someone. Especially after you have suffered injuries in a car accident in Georgia. You might feel that you are paranoid, or maybe this is because of the trauma you have suffered during the accident. This does not necessarily mean that you are being over-cautious, rather it may be true that you are under inquiry by the insurance company of another party involved in the accident.

Such investigations aim to look for loopholes and misconduct by the victim so the insurance company discredits the claim. This way either the company will completely avoid the payment or pay a minimal amount which is much less than actual damage. For this reason, victims are observed to identify the grounds to avoid the claim.

If you have ever experienced such a car accident in Georgia or you have been injured due to the negligence of another person, you need to effectively evaluate your legal options. An experienced lawyer will help you in easing up the process while protecting your rights.

Legal Implications of an Investigator for a Car Accident in Georgia:

After a car accident in Georgia, it is legal in the state for insurance companies to investigate the case. Despite the fact it may seem a massive attempt to invade privacy, the injuries you may have suffered and the changes you may be experiencing post-accident are investigated by the company. Investigations are usually carried out in public spaces instead of at home or your workplace. This means you may experience that someone is watching your daily activities such as getting groceries in the car or taking children to the park. These activities are analyzed to evaluate the intensity of injuries and their impact on your life.

The Motive Behind Investigation; What Our Georgia Car Accident Lawyers Say:

The motive of an insurance company is to pay very little than the victim deserves or deny the claim put forward by the victim who suffered from injuries in a car crash. Only in the U.S., 4.4 million people suffered from car crash injuries that needed medical care in 2019. The data shows how several people are at risk of experiencing injuries.

Insurance companies look for the injuries reported by the victim and inspect evidence that may suggest the person is not injured. For instance, you have reported a fracture in your leg but the investigator sees you walking. In this case, they can deny the claim on the basis of a fraudulent claim. Similarly, they may think you are exaggerating the pain and suffering caused by your injury since you can perform all your activities. You might be going to the gym or shopping. This situation allows the insurance company to pay less in claims.

How the Victims Are Investigated:

Various techniques are utilized by the insurance companies to investigate the victims. Usually, there are predetermined parameters for the insurance companies. The investigation’s intensity and focus greatly depend upon the standard practices of the company, the total amount of the claim, and the authenticity of the report provided by the victim regarding accident and injuries.

Initially, the investigation is performed by analyzing your social media presence and identifying whether you have shared any information regarding your accident or not. This also allows the investigators to identify your activities and whether you have been doing any activity that you are not able to perform due to your injury. If the investigation leads to suspicion, the insurance company might interview the people you work with or the people you may know to gather evidence for a fraudulent claim. This occurs rarely. However, depending upon the claim, insurance companies can take this approach.

How Can You Protect Your Claim?

The question arises of what you can do to protect your claim after suffering injuries from a car accident in Georgia. It is essential to completely follow the medical instructions given by the doctor. You should avoid sharing accident-related information on any social media platform. This can become concrete evidence to derail your case.

Moreover, it is suggested to be vigilant while sharing any picture from memories or information. Since the insurance company can use it to create doubts and hamper your claim process. It is also unnecessary to share the information regarding your claim in public. It is always better to keep the information to yourself so that the insurance company won’t use it against you to weaken your car accident in Georgia claim.

Our Georgia Accident Lawyers Can Help:

It is your right to seek out justice and compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Contact our Georgia accident attorneys immediately for professional guidance. Our skilled attorneys ensure that you receive the claim you deserve.

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