Can You Receive Compensation for Anxiety After A Car Accident In Fayetteville, GA?

Receiving compensation for anxiety after a car accident in Fayetteville, GA can be a tricky process. After an accident, you receive compensation that covers your medical costs, car repair, and other damages. The compensation should cover all damages caused to you due to negligence on part of the other driver. If anxiety is one of the problems you have faced due to the accident, the insurance company should pay for the treatment or lost wages.

What Are Your Damages After an Accident?

The damages caused to you due to a collision should be compensated to you in a way that puts you back into the same position prior to the accident. The compensation should cover all physical damages as well as intangible ones.

In other words, covering all economic and non-economic damages caused to you due to your injuries. Economic damages include medical bills, cost of repairs, and lost wages. Whereas non-economic damages are emotional distress, pain, and suffering, or any condition as a result of these. Anxiety is a common condition after a traumatic car accident, and you are entitled to receive money for what you are going through.

Can You Claim Compensation for Anxiety After a Car Accident in Fayetteville, GA?

You may have fear, panic, loss of sleep, or fear of getting back into the car after an accident. As a result of these intense symptoms, your daily activities are affected. Regardless of what kinds of anxiety symptoms or disorders you have, it is a medical condition and deserves full compensation. All serious damages caused to you after the accident are and should be compensated for as part of the insurance claim.

You may or may not get paid for having anxiety attacks after the accident as the insurance company can doubt your claim. Sadly, despite the increasing awareness about mental health issues, some people still do not consider them as actual medical conditions. They may believe it has existed prior to the accident or it is a false claim. While proving your injuries, you will also need to prove that your anxiety has been a result of the car accident. This is essential to receive financial compensation.

Having proper documentation and medical records of an expert proving that you have psychological trauma after the accident is essential for proving your claim. Your psychologist or psychiatrist can write it down or testify on your behalf. You have to prove how this accident has affected your life, physically and mentally, and how it is impacting the quality of your work and activities. A Georgia car accident lawyer can help you work out the right compensation.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect?

It is not easy to guess an accurate compensation amount as it greatly depends on your situation, supporting evidence, and the response of the other party. They will examine whether your injuries are even serious enough to be compensated for.

If you suffer from PTSD, an anxiety disorder, after the accident, you may have difficulty traveling again. This can negatively affect your job or other activities. You can be compensated for these damages, in some cases, if the insurance company agrees on the settlement amount.

Another way to go about this is to get paid for the days you have missed work due to anxiety. You can be paid for the time you missed work and get wages accordingly. Extreme anxiety can make it difficult to work, and you may not want to leave your house. Lost wages can be a good alternative to getting compensation for anxiety, after the accident.

How Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

The insurance company will try reducing your compensation, as much as they can. They will view your injuries and sufferings from a different point of view. A competent Georgia car accident lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company and overcome their tactful doings. They will fight for your rights and get the best outcome for your case. Getting the help of a professional will take some of your stress away too.

The Best Georgia Car Accident Attorney; At Your Service:

Every victim deserves compensation for anxiety after a car accident in Fayetteville, GA, if they’re suffering from it. If you or your loved one is suffering from anxiety after a car accident, make sure you fight for compensation. Contact us today and let us take the burden off of you in this difficult time. We will guide you through the process and get your entitlement. Get the money you deserve by hiring our Georgia auto accident attorney.

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