Should You Sue Even If You Feel Bad for the Other Driver?

You could have experienced any great range of emotions after a Fayetteville car wreck. Shock, sadness, grief, anger, and even guilt would be all normal emotions even if you weren’t the one that caused the crash. The thing is that many drivers who aren’t at fault feel guilty, they feel bad for the other driver, and they feel as if it’s not worth exploring legal options and expanding on that person’s pain.

An estimated 30% of victims can experience a negative psychological response to a crash. The mental battle of a crash is not just for those who are weighted with the actual guilt. Contact a Georgia car accident lawyer for issues on handling cases where you’re experiencing undue guilt.

What if the Other Driver was Hurt Too?

Usually, people feel worse and don’t want to take legal action when they know that the other person, or persons, were hurt too. When you know that you simply being there at that time led to someone being hurt, it’s difficult to handle. But, this is much more than a “wrong place, wrong time,” situation.

The person that hit you was likely a timebomb where their erratic or irresponsible driving would have led them to injury eventually. It’s important to keep a positive mindset. If there were no fatalities, then be grateful for that. If there were only moderate to minor injuries, then be grateful for that.

Regarding the injuries of the other person, know that there was nothing different that you could have done. During your recovery, you should probably talk to a professional therapist or counselor about your feelings of guilt. Even if you feel bad for the other driver, you should still pursue compensation, especially if you need medical treatment and therapy for anxiety, depression, and other invisible injuries.

Elderly and Very Young Drivers

When we are in a crash with someone that we perceive as vulnerable, we want to take charge and make everything okay. While it is important to remember that you shouldn’t apologize at a crash scene, you also shouldn’t avoid action which can help you. Yes, young drivers may be spooked after what was probably their first crash. But nearly everyone has a first crash and the fact that theirs was because of their driving behavior it may be the wakeup call they needed.

After hitting an elderly person, you may come across as overly sympathetic. In some cases, the elderly is angry with you even though you didn’t cause the crash. They may be frustrated with the incident itself or appalled that their years of driving experience had failed them at that moment.

The truth about elderly drivers and very young drivers, however, is that they make up a large portion of the crashes on a national level. The elderly are 16% more likely to cause a crash than an adult driver, and young drivers make up 43% of all two-car vehicle accidents. It’s very likely that if you’re in a wreck that it will involve either a very young, or an elderly person.

Trauma-Related Guilt or Survivor’s Guilt

If someone died in your wreck or was severely injured, then you may experience what is commonly called survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s guilt can cause people to do unremarkable things for the person that actually caused the traumatic event. People will not press charges, not even seek compensation through their insurance company.

But, as we learn more about PTSD and trauma-related guilt, it’s clear that you are the one who needs representation and support. Yes, you may have lost someone, or the other driver may have lost someone, but that doesn’t diminish your needs for a complete recovery.

Should You Involve a Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer

Understanding if you should move forward with your case should be discussed with any of the Georgia car accident lawyers at Wade Law. Our Fayetteville injury firm can spell out realistically what would happen and should happen in these cases. We know that you already feel bad about how the wreck turned out, but you can’t put yourself in a bad spot financially.

Contact Wade Law to talk about your wreck resolution options and explore how a case or claim may impact the other driver. In most situations, the other driver won’t be involved in any payment, but their insurance company would take over to pay the compensation award or settlement. Contacting an attorney is the first step for you in working toward full compensation.

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