Georgia’s Law Against Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, as with every other state comes with its share of punishment in Georgia, and the laws guiding distracted driving in Georgia are as plain as anyone can imagine. We have put this article together, and we will be providing answers to some of your most pressing questions. Questions like, can you eat and drive in Georgia, can you speak on the phone in Georgia? And many others.

Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

Can you talk on the phone and drive in Georgia? According to the governor’s office of highway safety, holding your phone while driving is illegal in Georgia, and thus comes as a part of a sweeping hands-free law which went into effect sometime in July 2018. It’s also illegal to read on your phone or use it to record a video when driving, even at stoplights. Anyone who breaks the law, even if all they did was tap “play” on a Spotify playlist while not parked, will be hit with a $50 fine, and this doubles every time they commit such offenses again.

To curtail distracted driving in Georgia, it’s even illegal for drivers to drive whilst their phone is touching their body. So no reading of emails, social media posts, and text messages. It’s also not legal to write such content when you’re not parked here in Georgia.

Is it legal to eat while driving in Georgia? Well, no, it’s illegal. Under the distracted driving law, anything or any activity that makes it close to impossible to drive safely can be classified as distracted driving. So using your phones and headset is just one. You can get a ticket if you eat or drink any beverage while driving. Adjusting your stereo or music device, doing makeup or checking your teeth, using a map app or simply talking to passengers in the vehicle gets you in trouble. So anything that takes your eyes away from the road, even for a second, is enough to get you a ticket.

Now that we have taken a look at what distracted driving is and what constitutes one, it’s only wise to see how you can get help when you are hit by a driver who is suspected to be distracted while driving. 

What Makes A Great Car Accident Lawyer In Georgia?

A great car accident lawyer has experience working on cases like these. The Georgia state has some really stringent laws on distracted driving. These may include you losing your license, getting fined and just anything along that line. So you would need a lawyer who has experience defending cases like yours if you’re guilty. 

If you are the affected party, you also need experienced car accident lawyers that have fought similar cases. This will help you get justice. It will also protect you from insurance companies that are only looking to rip you of as much as they can.

A great auto accident attorney understands that different things could cause an accident, they also know that there are different types of distractions, they’ll be able to determine these, and either protect your rights or fight for your rights when you’re caught up in this.

A good auto accident lawyer understands that visual distractions are when you look away from the road or when something else is in your line of sight. If you are the defendant, it could help you get away with as little damage as possible when the judge sees that it wasn’t willful.

They understand that manual distractions are mostly premeditated, like eating, fiddling with something, adjusting your radio or using your hands while driving. If you are the victim in this case, it will help you get as much compensation as possible from insurance companies.

A good auto accident lawyer also knows that cognitive distractions are when your attention is being distracted by something, even if you’re looking at the road, with both hands on the wheel.

Being able to read a case is a really important skill that car accident lawyers in Georgia should learn.

Fayetteville Car Accident Attorney; The Checklist

  • The first of these is that the attorney should be able to read a case expertly and discern what really went wrong. Getting a list of clients they’ve successfully defended is a great place to start.
  • An auto accident attorney should also be a good communicator. Not only will they be available to answer your questions, or always giving you feedbacks, they would also ask questions to better understand the case. A great lawyer should be one who takes you into detail to understand all the ins and outs of the case.
  • Having experience with insurance companies is also really important. You want a lawyer who will be able to get you as much compensation as possible from insurance companies. So you need to ensure that your attorney has dealt with many of them.

Wade Law is one of the best auto accident attorneys in the United States, and if you need capable hands to handle your case in Georgia, you should give them a trial.

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