Why Aggressive Driving Is So Dangerous

Studies show that by the age of 30, people who watched a lot of TV violence when at a tender age, will be more aggressive under the influence of alcohol.

This article isn’t one that’s based on the moral implications of watching TV violence. But isn’t it true that drunken and aggressive driving is something we need to really consider and see how we can save lives and save health?

Aggressive driving isn’t only dangerous to pedestrians and other motorists, it’s also dangerous to the driver. So we’re going to be taking a closer look at these and see how residents of Georgia can stay safe and law abiding.

What constitutes aggressive driving? According to the national highway safety administration, aggressive driving is the behavior of an individual who is “guilty of a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.”

A person driving aggressively drives in an unsafe and hostile manner without having regard for others. A person is guilty of aggressive driving when they make frequent or unsafe lane changes, and when they fail to signal or yield the right of way. They are also guilty of aggressive driving when they tailgate and disregard traffic controls.

So aggressive driving leads to accidents, fights on the highways and it generally places the lives of everyone in danger.

In case you have been caught in one of these, either as the guilty driver or a victim, what options are available to you? The next section will touch on that.

Things To Consider When Looking Up Auto Accident Attorneys In Fayetteville

Either you are a victim or the guilty party, the truth remains that you’d need help to either walk away without much financial and legal damage done to you. So you need an auto accident attorney to help work on your case. What are some things to look up when planning to hire an auto accident lawyer?

Referrals Are Key

If you are the guilty party, you should know the firm stand that Georgia has on aggressive driving. If you are the victim, you should also know what your rights are and how to get adequately compensated.

So getting to know whom your lawyer has worked with before is the first step towards selecting a lawyer that will be able to help you hit your aim.

Ask your friends and family to recommend lawyers they may have worked with. This will save you all the to-and-fro that go with contacting lawyers and asking them to send you contacts of past clients.

Choose An Attorney Who Communicates Well

Not only should the auto accident lawyer or attorney know the ins and outs of the law, s/he should also be a good communicator. One of the most frustrating situations you’d ever find yourself in is dating someone who never picks or returns your calls and someone who doesn’t answer texts.

You’d not want to pick a lawyer who doesn’t make time to communicate with you. Being busy professionals, that’s a luxury. But since it’s a business relationship, they should be ready to make out the time to actually speak with you.

Pick A Lawyer Who Deals With Insurance Companies

Here is a really important one. If you’re the victim, you’re likely looking to get compensated. But insurance companies are working tirelessly to ensure that they leave you with as little money as possible. 

A good auto accident lawyer will have experience spotting crapy offers and advise you on what to do. In simple words, choose a lawyer who would get as much settlement money as possible from the insurance company.

A Georgia Car Accident Lawyer That Checks All The Boxes

Your choice of auto accident lawyer can either make or mar your case. It could be the difference between you being offered peanuts and you being offered what you deserve. You also need one who has experience in cases like these, and for our readers, we came up with a Georgia car accident lawyer that checks all the boxes, one that meets the standard we set in the preceding paragraph.

You should speak about your auto accident case with Wade Law, and they’ll be taking your case from where it is now to where you want it to be – and that’s getting you the settlement you deserve.

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