Georgia Car Crash Injury Claim: How Can Pregnancy Affect It

A Georgia car crash can have a massive impact on a person’s health. People end up with bruises, fractures, and internal bleeding. Moreover, it becomes a permanent part of your memory. Such horrific incidents haunt survivors for a lifetime. Often these collisions involve pregnant women as well. Every year several pregnant women experience car crashes.

These are harmful to their own lives and also put their unborn child’s life at risk. Injuries sustained by the mother and child can be life-threatening. Any pregnant woman who has to go through such trauma deserves compensation. With the help of a Georgia car crash injury claim, an expecting woman can sue the party responsible for the incident. Victims should make sure that a negligent driver is held accountable and is punished for their mistake.

According to statistics, 1,377 fatal crashes took place within Georgia in 2019 and more than a thousand people died due to these crashes. Many victims were hospitalized and had to receive months of treatment. Those injured in car crashes can claim compensation from the driver at fault. However, you will need to consult a lawyer before filing a claim. They can provide better guidance on the matter.

Which Injuries Make a Pregnant Woman Eligible to File a Georgia Car Crash Injury Claim?

A pregnant woman can file a  Georgia car crash injury claim for multiple reasons. We all are well aware of the fact that even a minor crash can have a significant impact on the health of both the mother and child. Thus, an expecting mother can take the other side to court on the following basis:

Harm to Placenta:

A crash can lead to placenta abruption. In this condition, the placenta detaches from the wall of the uterus and as a result, the blood and oxygen flow to the baby disrupts. If such a situation occurs, the mother might need an emergency C-section.

Direct Trauma to the Fetus:

Accidents resulting in direct harm to a fetus complicate the case. Since the fetus is in the developing stages, any trauma might lead to organ damage. Such a condition occurs by way of head injuries.

Uterine Rupturing:

It is a rare situation but can happen to any woman. The impact of the crash might tear the walls of your uterus. If that happens, the baby starts to lose the supply of nutrients and oxygen. A woman might go into early labor or even lose the child.

Maternal Shock:

After a collision, many expecting mothers lose massive amounts of blood. It pushes them into a hypovolemic shock. In such a scenario, the chances of losing your baby multiply.

Losing a child isn’t the only threat for a pregnant woman. All of these conditions can also harm the woman. Thousands of pregnant women face these threats every year.

How Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help You Recover Medical Costs and Emotional Damages?

Expecting mothers who end up in crashes need emergency medical care. They might need additional care to ensure the health of the child and might even need surgeries. These options cost a lot, and it’s not easy for individuals to afford such expenses. Since the accident is another person’s fault, they should be the ones bearing the costs. Victims can file a claim for expenses such as surgeries and the cost of medicine.

Emotional damages are also worthy of compensation. Parents-to-be wish for a healthy child, but an unwanted accident might leave their little one disabled or dead. In such conditions, compensation is a must. A good lawyer helps you recover money for anxiety, stress, and physical pain.

Get in Touch with a Georgia Car Accident Attorney Today:

Georgia accident attorneys help victims of crashes recover their damages. If you or your pregnant family member experience a collision, you should file a claim. Someone else brought harm to your unborn child and put you through misery, so they need to be held accountable.

Our attorneys have years of experience in fighting similar cases. With their help, victims can get justice in the shortest possible time. Clients only need to book a consultation session by calling our helpline. Your consultation will be free of cost, and you can trust our professionals for the best results.

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