Understanding Private Property Car Crashes in Georgia

A significant number of car crashes in Georgia occur on private property, such as parking areas outside a shopping mall, hotels, and restaurants. These are some examples of traffic accidents that occur on private property.

Careless driving is undoubtedly the root cause of many car accidents, however, sub-standard maintenance of property also plays a major role. Poor road conditions, lack of road projects, and inadequate signage can all cause car accidents among private vehicles. In cases where cars and pedestrians collide or bicycles collide with pedestrians, homeowner liability could also apply.

The Georgia Department of Transportation Accident Analysis, Statistics and Information Notebook 2008 provides some statistics. Due to traffic accidents, there were 342,534 deaths, 13,555 injuries, 1,703 fatalities, and 1,198 accidents per day.

Differences Between Public and Private Property Accidents:

A municipality or local government is generally not responsible for car crashes on its roads. However, in certain rare situations, these organizations may also be partly liable for a crash that occurred on public roads.

An accident on the premises of a private property owner is more likely to involve some liability, such as when roads are in poor condition or there are potholes everywhere. This makes it increasingly difficult to control your vehicle.

Narrow streets or blind spots are likely to play their role in the accident if it occurred in a parking lot. In this case, the parking lot owner is responsible for the car crashes. With that being said, some parking lots are designed in a way to prioritize the drivers entering their property, and so they do not have to make unwanted stops or wait in lines. Severe accidents could occur in the case where proper signs are not installed in such areas.

Landowners have a legal responsibility to protect visitors from dangerous circumstances, such as inadequate lighting or unmarked construction. The crux of being responsible for visitor protection, along with preventing car crashes in Georgia, also applies to preventing crime.

Additional Evidence for Private Property Car Crashes:

The owners of private properties may have security cameras that documented the accident. This is another difference between an accident on private property and an accident on public property. The nature of this evidence could be vital in some cases, especially in the absence of witnesses or when drivers provide contradicting testimonies.

In some cases, private owners might withhold evidence, such as if they believe they are partly to blame for the accident. They could also offer money to the victims for a prompt resolution for the squabble.

A property’s on-scene case offer may not provide enough compensation for the injuries you may have suffered. You should never attempt to resolve a complaint on the spot. You never know how severe your injury might be, and how much your recovery will cost you.

Steps Prescribed by a Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer:

Even if the owner is on the defensive and not willing to assist you in documenting the accident, you should not resist them. You can call the police and they will document the scene of impact, gather all the evidence, and speak with any witnesses.

  • Calling the Police:

Under Georgia law, you are required to call the police if you are injured or your vehicle is damaged in a way that prevents you from leaving the scene.

  • Getting Medical Care:

The second thing to do is to get treated as soon as possible. While your injuries may not be severe, a doctor’s eye will be able to tell you more accurately than a guess made by you.

  • Getting a Lawyer Can Help:

The legal proceedings associated with an accident that took place on private property might be 10 times more difficult to fight. You should not try to handle this process on your own, especially when your doctor has prescribed you strict bed rest.

Take pictures of the scene if you can without endangering yourself. Leave a note about what you remember about the incident in order to maintain adequate documentation regarding your case. In the event of a police report, a skilled lawyer will extract all the evidence required to win your case, and even get credible witnesses to testify for your case.

Get Free Consultation from Georgia Accident Lawyers:

Georgia car accident lawyers are ready to help victims of negligence. We also deal with emergencies, so we cannot charge an upfront fee. We only earn if you receive compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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