Coping With Disfigurement After a Georgia Car Accident

If a Georgia car accident victim has suffered from a major disfigurement, the resulting outcome of the event can be extremely tragic. You will be needing the same amount of time to get off the pain and psychological trauma as an accident victim. You will need time for your rehabilitation. In addition, there may be certain psychological implications to account for.

If you managed to get out of your injury and trauma, there might still be time to file a complaint about your compensation. If the accident is caused by someone else, you are eligible for the compensation claim for the medical bills and damage to your vehicle. A good lawyer will help you go through the whole process and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Traffic-related accidents are usually associated with physical injuries, but the one thing that is not taken into account is the psychological trauma when trying to heal from a car accident. You can also get compensated for the emotional distress that you suffered after the accident other than the medical expenses and the wages that you lost while going through the recovery time. Your costs of counseling and support groups will also be included in your compensation claim.

We recommend that you should speak with an experienced attorney who knows about the case and help you handle the details of the case during your difficult times. Moreover, a good attorney will be able to guide you on what type of compensation may apply to your case.

Types of Injuries That Cause Disfigurement in a Georgia Car Accident:

Severe injuries and cases of disfigurements are the forte of our Georgia car accident attorneys.

Some common types of injuries that can cause disfigurement after an accident in Georgia include:

  • Burns to the fire
  • Facial lacerations
  • Facial fractures (particularly around the eye socket, brow bone, and jaw)

Disfigurement can not only occur through a car accident but also work-related accidents. While working with some heavy machinery, there can be an explosion, some fault in the machine that caused you injury, or someone else’s negligence. Most accidents happen in construction companies and industrial sectors.

Coping With Disfigurement:

After an accident, if you face disfigurement, you could go through several operations for the recovery of your injury. You might have to go through several procedures such as skin grafting if you are severely burnt, and reconstructive bone surgeries or implants for facial fractures. You may initially be in a lot of pain after the accident, and to overcome such pain, your doctor may prescribe you potential medicines and expensive treatments.

After recovering from your physical injuries, you may realize that you have to see a therapist or schedule yourself for counseling sessions. You will need help in the form of psychological counseling to make you cope up with the daily life and emotional challenges that you faced during your disfigurement recovery period.

Compensation for Injuries in an Auto Accident

If you are planning to file a compensation claim for your injuries, it is essential that you document every small detail regarding your medical evaluation. This is because you are entitled to receive due compensation in order to go on with your normal life. All your records will help your lawyer to help you build a strong case. This will also assist your lawyer to calculate the amount of compensation in order to compensate you for all the expenses.

Filing a claim for your injuries can be a long and tiring process after being involved in a car accident in Georgia. But the worry of the process should not stop you from filing a claim against the other driver who was at fault. You deserve that compensation for your hard times.

Contact a Georgia Car Accident Attorney:

Nearly 1,377 fatal crashes took place in Georgia in 2019. Due to these crashes, hundreds ended up in hospitals and morgues. Loads of people had to go through months of therapies and sustained heavy monetary losses. If your injuries were caused due to another person’s negligence, and you have proof, then you can ask for compensation.

If you got into an accident due to the negligence of someone else, whether it is a car accident or any other type of accident, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Your rights are guaranteed by the law. For a better understanding of your rights, call a Fayetteville car accident lawyer for a free case assessment. We might help you get your life back in order.

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