What To Do if Your Car Accident Claim is Denied in Georgia?

When you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll have to submit an insurance claim. If the other driver was at fault, you’ll be submitting your claim to his insurance company. Usually, these claims go relatively fast and you may have your check within a week or ten days. Other times, they deny claims. If this happens, you may need the help of a Fayetteville car accident lawyer.

After you file your claim, you could get a denial letter in the mail. This letter will give the reasons for the denial. Insurance companies deny claims for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • A cancellation or lapse in coverage
  • The driver was not insured under the policy
  • You are believed to be at fault for the accident
  • They don’t believe you were really hurt
  • They don’t think the accident is what caused your injuries

If the policy wasn’t valid, there’s not much your Fayetteville car accident lawyer can do. No insurance company is going to pay on an invalid policy. However, for most denials, your attorney can appeal your claim. He can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to get you paid.

Your Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Appeal Your Claim

Once you find out about your denial, you need to contact a Fayetteville car accident lawyer. He can review your paperwork and find out the reason for denial. He can review all the paperwork related to your accident and determine why they came to that decision.

Your lawyer will also reach out to the insurance adjuster. Fayetteville car accident lawyers have relationships with many of the insurance companies, and should be able to talk to the adjuster and file an appeal.

Depending on the reason for your denial, the insurance company may approve your appeal. If they don’t believe you about your injuries, a lawyer can submit proof. However, if they believe you were at fault, it won’t be this simple.

There are several reasons why the insurance company says they believe you were at fault. Some of these reasons include:

  • Their client insists that you were at fault
  • The police report isn’t clear as to who was at fault
  • A convincing statement from the other driver
  • You have a history of insurance claims and the other driver does not
  • They simply don’t want to pay a large claim and use the denial as a way of negotiating a lower settlement

Thankfully, your Fayetteville car accident lawyer can discuss all of this on your behalf.

A Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer Will Know How to Settle Your Claim

Georgia car accident lawyers have spent years developing negotiation skills. They know how to talk to insurance adjusters. They know the history of the insurance companies and know how far they’re willing to go. They’ll use this information to help get you the settlement you deserve.

When your Fayetteville car accident lawyer reviews your case, he’s going to look at a few things to determine how much your case is worth. A lot of things can help him do this, including:

  • Your injuries – How serious were they? How much did you spend in medical bills?
  • Lost wages – Were you out of work for a while? How much money did you lose in wages and other income?
  • Property Damage – Does your car have damage because of the accident?
  • Pain and Suffering – If you experience physical and mental anguish because of the accident, you may receive compensation for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be the biggest range when it comes to damages as there’s just no knowing what a jury would decide.

Your car accident lawyer needs to know what your case is worth before he can start negotiating. This may not be the same amount of your initial claim. If the insurance company refuses to settle, your lawyer will have to file a lawsuit. This lawsuit could be for much more than your initial claim.

Contact a Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may need to contact a Fayetteville car accident lawyer. You could find yourself on the losing end of an insurance claim. There are certain rules and deadlines you need to meet in order to get your claim approved, and you don’t want to take any chances.

If you don’t handle your appeal right, you could end up with nothing. You want to rely on an experienced attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve.

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