What Happens If You Get PTSD After a Car Accident?

The prevalence rate for PTSD after a car accident is fairly high – some reports suggest it could affect as many as 50 percent of the individuals that were in a crash. Getting a PTSD diagnosis after a collision raises many questions about the future.

One, however, is more immediate and very important. Can you get compensated for the PTSD that you were diagnosed with after a car accident? What do Georgia laws stipulate? Here’s what you need to know about this diagnosis and how a Fayetteville car accident lawyer can help.

The Physical and Emotional Effects of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder experienced by people involved in traumatic events. Those who have PTSD can experience disturbing thoughts, flashbacks, and phobias that keep them from living life to the fullest.

Some of the most common PTSD symptoms and complications include:

  • Vivid flashbacks of the accident
  • Intrusive, dark thoughts about the accident or other traumatic events
  • Nightmares, sleep problems, and insomnia
  • Avoidance of situations that could lead to the reoccurrence of the traumatic episode (for example – unwillingness to travel by car)
  • Intense distress, anxiety, and depression
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness and loss

According to experts, some PTSD sufferers could also exhibit physiological symptoms like dizziness, profuse sweating, high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, nausea, joint pain, headaches, and other kinds of pain.

To get diagnosed, you’ll need to see a mental health professional. They will assess your condition, determine if you have PTSD, and whether the PTSD is a result of the car crash you were in.

Can You Sue After a Car Crash That Causes PTSD?

To get a precise answer, you’ll need to see a Fayetteville car accident attorney. They will assess the evidence and the specific circumstances, giving you a better idea about the type of compensation you’re entitled to.

One thing you need to understand is that in Georgia, as well as in the rest of the U.S., proving pain and suffering as a result of a mental condition is a lot more difficult than establishing the damages resulting from physical injury.

many car accident victims develop mental health problems

Depending on the car accident specifics and the experience of your attorney, you may be capable of getting PTSD compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages, if you have partially or completely lost your ability to work because of the PTSD

Expert reports and testimonials will be needed to establish those consequences and get them connected to the car accident that you were in.

The right mental health professional will issue a detailed report, confirming that you:

  • Have PTSD
  • Got PTSD because of the car crash
  • Are incapable of working or you’ve lost some of your income earning ability because of the PTSD

The more thorough the documentation, the higher your chances of getting compensated. Usually, the PTSD damages will be added on top of all the other automobile accident consequences like physical pain and injury, permanent disabilities, ongoing medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc.

Pursuing Compensation for PTSD after a Car Accident

Apart from seeing a mental health professional as soon as possible, you should also start a daily journal. Write about your experience with PTSD, the way in which it affects everyday life. Even if the journal isn’t an admissible form of evidence, it can give your car accident attorney a good idea about the scope of negative changes in your day-to-day life.

Finding the right car accident attorney will be the next step. An experienced lawyer will quickly outline the kinds of damages you could demand compensation for. Once you have outlined the full scope of car crash traumatic effects, you can start building the case together

Both insurance companies and courts will demand thorough documentation and enough evidence to justify your claims. A lawyer will give you an idea about the professionals to see and the kinds of documents to acquire in order to build a bulletproof case.

The Right Fayetteville Car Crash Attorney Will Help You Get Your Life Back

Car crashes have life-changing consequences, even if the injuries or property damages are minor. Don’t underestimate the impact of mental suffering and psychological conditions that could develop as a result of the traumatic event.

If you were diagnosed with PTSD after a car accident, get in touch with our experienced Fayetteville car crash lawyers to ensure the best outcome for your future. Contact us today at 770-282-1188 to get a free case review and schedule your first consultation.

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