Young Woman Dies in Freak Accident on Houston Road in Middle, Georgia

When you leave your house to talk a walk or to take your dog for a walk, the last thing you expect is to end up dead. What could possibly happen during the 15-20 minutes it takes for your dog to do their business? Sadly, the family of 22-year old Kimberly Touchton of Middle Georgia knows exactly what can happen.

The young woman had left her home in a trailer park near Georgia 49 and Highway 11 to walk her dog. While walking about 300 yards from the Houston Road bridge, she was struck in the neck by a flying tire. Apparently, the tire came off a car being driven on the overhead bridge. The man driving the car didn’t stop to see if she was okay. Witnesses said he saw what happened and just chose not to stop.

Brian Seth Carmichael, a 25-year old from Fort Valley, Georgia, was arrested shortly after the freak accident. He was charged with failing to report an accident that resulted in death or injury.

What seems to have happened is Touchton was walking her dog along the ravine on Georgia Highway 49 when the tire flew off the suspect’s vehicle. It flew about 300 yards from the overpass to the ravine and hit the victim in the neck. She fell and was lying facedown in the mud when her fiancé found her.

The victim’s family got worried when she wasn’t home after about 20 minutes. Her dog went home but Kimberly wasn’t anywhere to be found. Her fiancé found her lying in the mud shortly thereafter and called 911 but it was too late. She died from her injuries.

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