Does a Car Accident in Georgia Affect Motorcycle Insurance?

Dealing with a car accident in Georgia can be distressing. Apart from dealing with the injuries, pain, mounting medical bills, and financial damages, you may also be worried about the insurance. Most of the people who own a motorcycle also have another vehicle. A person may have a motorcycle and a truck or a passenger car depending upon their requirement.

Motorcycle owners usually have both motorcycle insurance and car insurance. If you are involved in a car accident in Georgia you may wonder whether a car accident will also impact your motorcyclist insurance. Holding two insurances can become complicated in this matter. Your motorcycle insurance rate will be impacted by the car accident in Georgia.

However, several factors and circumstances are involved in an accident. The type of insurance policy you have and the situation of your accident will determine how the two of your insurances will be impacted. You should have complete information regarding how car accidents relate to motorcycle coverage because car accidents leave a devastating impact on you and your loved ones. Serious injuries such a traumatic brain injury, loss of body function, fractures, spinal problems, paralysis, burns, and amputations can change your life forever.

To prove your compensation claim, it is essential to provide solid evidence that can strengthen your case. This evidence may include, photos of the scene of the car accident in Georgia, videos from traffic cameras or dash cams, police reports, medical reports, and statements from drivers and witnesses. In 2019, around 6,756,000 motor vehicle crashes were reported.

Impact of a Car Accident in Georgia on the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance:

As drivers are required to attain auto insurance, similarly, motorcyclists are required to have motorcycle insurance. The insurance policy rate of the motorcycle is affected by several factors. The insurance policy rate is the cost that an insured person must pay to retain the insurance coverage. Your overall traffic violation history can negatively impact the policy rate.

The factors that can influence policy rate include traffic tickets or violations, the usage of the vehicle, your age, driving experience, the type of coverage you opted for, and the type of car or motorcycle. The number of accidents you have been involved in can also impact your insurance rates.

Your entire driving history is reviewed including all accident claims. If a motorcyclist had a history of accidents, their policy rate will be significantly higher than with one who never had an accident. It is always better to follow traffic rules and avoid accidents to keep your policy rate low.

Fault in Motor Vehicle Accidents: How it Works

It is highly significant to consult a professional car accident attorney to know about your insurance details and to file compensation for the damages caused by another person’s negligence. Being a motorist, if you are at fault in a car accident in Georgia, your accident history will be analyzed, and it will directly impact your insurance rate.

For instance, if a collision occurs, the at-fault driver should foresee a possible increase in the auto insurance policy rate as the at-fault driver is considered a riskier driver. Whereas the motorist may not experience any change in the auto-insurance rate, as they were not at fault in the accident. It is not always the same since the circumstances of each accident vary greatly. The insurance carrier policies will also impact.

How Can a Car Accident Affect Motorcycle Insurance?

If you have been involved in a car accident and it has been determined that you were at fault, then your motorcycle insurance rate can increase. The vehicle and its specifications do not matter. Instead, your traffic violations and the number of accidents impact your insurance rate. Your claim history can negatively impact both the insurance rates for a car and the motorcycle. The degree of change will be depending on the situation of the accident and your insurance provider.

If you or your loved ones suffered an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to receive compensation for the physical, mental, and financial damages caused due to the accident. You should always consult a car accident and personal injury attorney to gather the relevant evidence and prove your claim.

Get in Touch with a Georgia Accident Attorney:

It is necessary to know about your legal rights through a Georgia auto accident attorney. Our car accident attorneys have years of experience in dealing with car accident cases. We have the expertise to effectively negotiate with your insurance provider and obtain the maximum claim that you deserve. We can strengthen your case for a successful outcome.

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