Does Compensation Exclude Travel Expenses for Appointments with Specialists?

Traveling as part of your injury recovery often seems like an expense that you simply can’t afford. However, it may be necessary if your primary care physician or the doctor in charge of your recovery feels that you need to see a specialist, then it’s likely that you’re going to have to travel out of town. Many specialists don’t put their hub in major metropolitan areas or large cities.

If your doctor sent you to a specialist and you’ve had to travel, you might be wondering if it’s possible to include those expenses in your compensation. Additionally, you might have to explore the opportunity of including them to claim with a Fayetteville auto accident attorney. Although Fayetteville has a bustling medical professional scene, many specialists are spread out across the state.

When You Need to See a Specialist

Physicians refer people to specialists for one of two reasons. They believe that they aren’t best fit to help the patient and that a specialist would do better, or they are over-worked and can’t provide the care you need with their time.

The two factors both frequently appear, and it is one of the primary reasons why people end up seeing so many doctors over injuries that it seems a normal practitioner could address. For you, seeing a specialist, either way, is usually beneficial. Specialists are not only trained in regard to a very nice element of health care, but they are often not as overwhelmed in their workload as standard family practitioners.

Assessing Your Needs with Your Medical Team

An average patient on Medicare will see Seven doctors. They’ll see two primary care physicians and five specialists. That means that you’re likely to not just see one specialist but many. Your medical team can provide unique care that a single doctor simply can’t. Medical teams have become the new normal for medical treatment, and many are hopeful that the result will be better medical care and more individualized treatment plans.

You’ll need to work closely with your medical team, and even if it’s just traveling throughout the town, it’s likely to rack up quite the bill. From hiring Ubers or Lyfts or arranging for medical transport, you may spend hundreds just in rides to get to and from your medical appointments. Then if your specialist is out of town, then you may spend even more on rental cars, long-term medical transit, and even on plane tickets.

Making Reasonable Travel Expense Reimbursement Requests

When you’re making your requests for reimbursement through compensation with the insurance companies, you’ll need to establish why the expense was reasonable. Certainly, you won’t get reimbursement for purchasing a gaming console to keep you entertained, but things like hotel rooms, travel, and even food while you’re away from home are all reasonable.

How to Include Your Travel Expenses in Your Demand Letter

Your demand letter is your opportunity to lay out exactly what you expect in regard to compensation. You will work closely with a fatal car accident lawyer during the drafting of the demand letter, and that attorney should help you accurately explain why each expense was necessary. We mentioned briefly about reasonable travel expense reimbursement, and this is the platform for you to explain why each element was necessary.

For example, if in your travel expenses, you included the expenses for bringing a family member with you, you’ll need to explain that having that person was critical. You may not have been able to get around town easily without help, and having that person may have helped you ask doctors the right questions that may not have occurred to you at the time.

Contacting Wade Law for a Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer

Anyone recovering from a Fayetteville, or Georgia car accident should speak to a Fayetteville car accident lawyer when seeking compensation. It is probable that the insurance companies involved won’t want to provide full compensation, and things like travel expenses will be the first thing they brushed to the side. If your doctor gave their professional recommendation for you to see it a specific specialist, then you were simply following that doctors’ orders. You shouldn’t be punished because the person that hit you caused injuries so severe that a normal practicing physician couldn’t help you.

In fact, take action, speak with a Fayetteville car accident lawyer at Wade Law. We cater to the Fayetteville community and help the victims of various car, truck, and motorcycle accidents pursue full compensation for all expenses associated with their injuries.

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