Is Driving More Dangerous Than Ever?

In April of 2020, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Highway fatality rates were low because of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. Later that same month, the same publication reported that the drivers who were out in Georgia were likely topping speeds of 100 miles per hour and a high-risk for causing a serious accident.

So which is it? Well the AJC had it right, there was much less traffic and because of the reduction in traffic fatalities were lower than typical for that time of year. However, speeding drivers on interstates that are often hitting the triple digits in regard to MPH haven’t slowed down since April. Georgia often experiences an increase in fatalities during the summer months not only because of traffic but because of an increase in speeds. If you or a loved one have been hit by a negligent driver in Georgia, contact a Fayetteville car accident lawyer at Wade Law.

People Getting Behind the Wheel After Weeks or Months of Staying at Home

One of the biggest issues facing Georgia drivers now is that many have spent weeks or months with minimum time behind the wheel. Unlike riding a bike, safe driving and safe driving practices are clearly something you can forget quickly. Many drivers find themselves facing a new level of anxiety about checking their mirrors properly, committing to lane changes, and monitoring their rate of speed between traveling on a freeway and traveling in residential zones.

These are expected, and although these concerns are all in regard to safety. However, the concern itself exposes that these drivers aren’t confident in their safe driving practices. A driver who is not confident in these elements of driving may cause undue hesitation, and unintentionally cause accidents. Then, of course, there are other drivers. The overconfident drivers who jump behind the wheel and like many others on the road this year zoom by with little regard for anyone else.

More Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks as Demand Continues on Truckers

Fayetteville experience has quite a bit of traffic from semi-trucks, and as the demand continues for truckers to remain on the road longer, we see a substantial increase in semi-truck accidents. Toward the end of 2019, many industry leaders talked about but demand for semi-truck drivers and the expected perfect storm for the transportation industry. Little did they know that the perfect storm would be an overwhelming demand that would cause many companies to over-work nearly all of their employees.

As a result of the COVID-19 pressure on the U.S. product supply chain, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration changed the regulations on truckers allowing them to work more hours per week and per day. The already questionable laws allowing drivers to work about 70 hours over 8 Days, and permitting drivers to work for 11 hours per day were changed.

Now truckers can work up to 14 hours per day with little instruction on a cap of per week hours worked. This Emergency Declaration was just extended through the foreseeable future on August 11th.

Additional Dangers on the Road

In addition to tired truckers, and drivers have lost their sense of safe driving practices, they’re still additional dangers on the road. Distracted driving is an ever-present issue. With the constant catastrophizing with the world events of the year, people are finding it more difficult than ever to avoid the pressure of responding to text messages or accepting phone calls while on the road.

Catastrophizing is not necessarily anxiety or even a disorder. It is simply something that is plaguing most of us give the events of this year. It is a type of cognitive distortion that perpetuates the worst-case scenario type of thinking. Unfortunately, people have not catastrophized the possibilities of texting or talking while driving.

Need Help? Contact The Fayetteville Auto Collision Lawyers At Wade Law

Seeking help from a Fayetteville personal injury attorney is often the first step towards real resolution. At Wade Law, we assist victims of a wide variety of accidents in helping them face common challenges posed by insurance companies.

As part of your crash resolution, you may give a hefty amount of consideration into the road conditions, state of the Apple driver, and extent of the damages. When building the foundation for your crash resolution, our team will look carefully at all of these elements. We understand that any of the elements listed here could drastically affect your crash and your crash resolution. Find support now, call Wade Law and talk to attorneys who have spent years handling Fayetteville collisions and insurance companies. We’re the local options for full support.

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