Hit and Run Victim? Challenges You Might Not Have Expected

All across Georgia and hit-and-run accidents are on the rise. It seems as though drivers interpreted the Atlanta Police Department’s announcement that they wouldn’t be responding to minor car accidents as a free-for-all across the state. Mount Fayetteville Police are handling an onslaught of hit-and-run cases. Unfortunately for the victims of these hit-and-run auto accidents police usually don’t find the driver, and if they do, it’s because of the involvement of the public.

Issues with locating the driver, and the lack of support from an already overwhelmed Police Department is just one of the many struggles that hit-and-run victims experience. The large belief is that in the event of a hit-and-run you’ll have the local police department, your family, and your insurance policy to help in your recovery. But, many realize that there are so many complex elements to resolving a hit-and-run collision only after they’ve become a victim. If you’re the victim of a hit and run, you should consider contacting our Fayetteville car accident attorneys.

Who is Looking for the At-Large Driver?

So, who is actually looking for the driver at Large? Depending on the extent of the crash, it’s possible that nobody is. Hit and run drivers are pretty low priority for local police departments, even ones well equipped to handle these issues such as the Fayetteville Police. However, searching for a driver may be near impossible. In some situations, all the victim can remember is the color of the vehicle and that doesn’t give police or the public enough to provide a meaningful search.

In many cases, local police will rely not only on the general public but also on local media outlets and Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers, local radio stations, and local news stations are largely responsible for taking tips and information from the public who may have seen the crash and not realized it was a hit-and-run accident.

You Will Still Have to Prove Fault

Fleeing the scene of an accident will certainly result in charges such as failing to remain at the scene. However, leaving the scene of a crash does not inherently put that driver at fault. Now, the victim is left trying to prove that their statements are true when there’s no one else to corroborate their story.

Typically in collision resolution the insurance companies will take statements or evidence from both parties and review it and make a determination of fault. When there’s only one party providing evidence, then the insurance company is going to carefully scrutinize each detail in an effort to minimize the likelihood of a payout. Now, that’s if your insurance company has any obligation to make a payout to you. If you don’t have the right coverage, then you’re not getting anything.

Will Collision Coverage Provide Compensation?

Collision coverage, if you have it, will only cover damage done to the vehicle. It is there to manage payment for the repairs or the replacement of your car if it’s involved in an accident. This coverage doesn’t rely on fault, but you do have to have the deductible set aside to pay your share of the damages.

What Happens if You Don’t Have UM/UIM?

Unfortunately if you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage and they’re unable to find the driver then it is likely that there will be no compensation for your injuries. Uninsured motorist is not required under Georgia insurance requirements and many drivers opt out of uninsured motorist coverage because they rely on everyone else having insurance.
Fayetteville, Georgia Car Accident Lawyers

Hit-and-runs usually come with a high volume of injury and property damage. So being left in the lurch while you’re injured, probably without a vehicle, and doing battle with your insurance provider is unacceptable. At Wade law of Fayetteville Georgia, we take careful consideration into every element of the crash. We know that in a hit-and-run accident you’re still going to have to prove fault and you’re still going to have to work with local Fayetteville Police.

Our approach to hit-and-run collisions is a little different from our approach to general auto collisions. We know that it’s not your word versus another person’s; it is your word versus what the insurance company wants to give you. So we enter hit-and-run cases with our most assertive and fairest minded negotiators. We send our skilled and experienced Fayetteville car accident attorneys into negotiations with all the evidence they need and all the justification necessary to fight for the compensation needed to cover medical bills, property damage, and lost income. Call Wade Law today to start talks about how to handle your collision.

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