Georgia Car Accident Victim Support Groups for Crash Survivors

It’s always nice to have support from your friends and family. But there are times, such as after a traumatic car accident, that talking to strangers might be easier. The purpose of a support group is to be surrounded by people who’ve gone through similarly traumatic experiences and are working towards a common goal of restructuring their lives. When you join a support group, it can be intimidating and overwhelming, but the common goal is what brings these people together.

Taking the time to find or try a local support group can help you get back on track. Many crash victim-survivors are afraid to drive, jump out loud noises, may experience PTSD, and other signs of trauma. Even an accident that, in terms of property damage doesn’t seem that bad, can leave the survivors shaken for years. Contact our Fayetteville car accident lawyers today for help.

Anxiety and Stress Management

On the Psychology Today website, you can find a wide array of support groups available right here in Fayetteville County. They often cover brads scopes. So you may not explicitly find a car accident victim group, but you may find a trauma support group. Don’t be discouraged. These groups often include people who experienced similar trauma and are also looking for ways to put their lives back together.

Anxiety and stress are among the two top complaints of crash survivors. They may have anxiety about driving again or being in the area near the crash site. Additionally, survivors may experience depression, or even survivor’s guilt when they lost someone in the wreck. There’s no guidebook on the experience of crash survivors when it comes to stress and anxiety. Mental health is largely personalized, and what you need is a support system in addition to professional treatment.

Anxiety Groups for Kids

Children are especially susceptible to anxiety and PTSD after an accident. They should feel safe with the person driving the vehicle. Often these children have never seen an accident, much less experienced one first hand. Getting your child into a therapy group isn’t difficult, but making the choice to send them can be a challenge. Make sure that you two are on the same page about getting your child emotional support that maybe you two can’t provide because of the situation.

You may also want to ask to your child’s pedestrian about them seeing a therapist or psychiatrist during this time.


MADD is extremely well known for offering victim assistance. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving group does cater specifically to those who were involved in crashes with an impaired driver. But when most people don’t address is that many victims of drunk driving were passengers that were in the vehicle with the intoxicated driver.

This group, and its counterpart, DADD, offer support to all the victims, including those who were in the vehicle with the driver. Most children injured in drunk driving accidents were passengers with the intoxicated driver.

Trauma Survivors Network

The trauma survivors network allows people to explore online support groups as well as in-person meetings. It’s a way to test out different groups until you find what works for you. As mentioned earlier, not every support group is tailored for car crash survivors, but ideally, you’ll find people in a support group that have gone through similar trauma.

With this resource, you can access different options and even discuss what options are available with your therapist or doctor. A medical professional may be able to help you decide between an online group and an in-person group. They can also guide you toward what type of trauma support group might be most beneficial.

Find Support from Your Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Among the people most looking for ways to help crash victims are car accident attorneys. At Wade Law, our lawyers work tirelessly to get support and build cases for our clients. Car accident victims often have difficulty finding support during their physical recovery and in handling the trauma. The trauma that comes out of an accident and drastically changes a person’s life.

Look for help from your local Georgia car accident lawyer with weight loss. At Wade Law, you can access attorneys who understand how to build a strong case, present evidence, and argue for fair settlements. If necessary, and if it’s your choice, the case can move forward to court. Many crash victims who experience extensive trauma may want to wear that decision carefully. At Wade Law, we always take your decisions as the final decisions.

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