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Are you a member of the LGBTQ community? Do you need help with divorce, child custody, or another family law issue? Well, you need the best Fayetteville LBGT family law attorney on your side. Call Wade Law today at 770-282-1188 to get the best assistance on any LGBTQ-related family law cases in Fayetteville, GA. We are allies and are here to make sure that everyone is respected regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

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What Does a Fayetteville LGBT Family Law Attorney Do?

Note that, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to family law in Georgia for LGBTQ individuals. Therefore, if you are in a relationship, you need to get legal counsel and protection. If you choose Wade Law as your LGBTQ family lawyer, we can help out in a lot of ways as follows.

Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Same-sex marriages were legalized in Georgia in June 2015. Therefore, if you are planning to get married in an LGBTQ relationship, we can help you with the prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements to make sure that everyone in the relationship is protected.


Since LGBTQ individuals are legally allowed to marry in Georgia, they can also file for a divorce or separation. Just like any other divorce, you need to meet the grounds for divorce in Georgia before you can file for divorce. As your attorneys, we can help out and make sure the process goes off without a hitch.

Adoption or Surrogacy

A lot of LGBTQ individuals have started families through adoption or surrogacy. Therefore, if you are planning to start a family and want to understand parental rights, especially in an LGBTQ scenario, we are here to help. Remember, you need properly crafted contractual agreements to make sure the process goes off without a hitch. Note that, adopting a child is trickier for LGBTQ individuals but we can help with the legal process.

Child Custody and Child Support

After a separation and divorce, it might be tough to determine who has child custody and who has to pay child support, especially in an LGBTQ setting. Therefore, with the best attorneys by your side, you are in the best hands. We can make sure that your child’s interests are catered for and everybody is satisfied with the legal process of determining custody and support.

Spousal Support and Alimony Agreements

After a divorce or separation, you need to determine spousal support and alimony and the same applies to LGBTQ couples. If you are looking to separate with your spouse or get a divorce, we can help come to an arrangement, especially through mediation to avoid a strung-out process that will unnecessarily overwhelm everybody involved.

Legal Name Changes

Are you changing your name after getting married? Have you changed your name because you are transgender? Well, whatever the reason for changing your name, we can help. We know that if you don’t file the right documents, the name change process will be rejected. We’ll file the right documentation to make sure the process isn’t rejected because of a minor issue.

At Wade Law, we are the best choice for any LGBTQ family law matters. We know that this is often a tricky situation for most LGBTQ people but we are here to help. We are allies who understand everything there is to do with LGBTQ so let us work on your case to avoid any hassles in the future.

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How Can a Lawyer Protect the Rights of LGBT Parents?

LGBTQ people can become parents in various ways such as technology, adoption, surrogacy, or previous heterosexual relationships. LGBTQ parents deserve the same protections as other families. Some of the current laws in place have created some barriers to securing legal protections for LGBTQ parents.

For instance, in Georgia, the law doesn’t address adoption by LGBTQ individuals. Rather, it focuses on the best interests of the child. Therefore, a lawyer can help protect the rights of parents by making sure they are not discriminated against during the adoption process because of their LGBTQ status. On the other hand, if one of the parents carries the child, especially in a lesbian marriage, a lawyer can help cement the parental rights of the other spouse, in the event of a divorce or separation.

If you are worried about your parental rights as an LGBTQ individual, Wade Law is here to help. We have worked with numerous LGBTQ parents over the years. We have the expertise and experience to navigate this burning issue to make sure that you are protected in the event of anything.


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Why Should I Hire an LGBT Alimony Lawyer in Georgia?

LGBTQ couples have the same rights as any other couple in Fayetteville, GA when it comes to divorce but there are some complications. At Wade Law, we have the experience to handle same-sex couple divorce and alimony proceedings. We have a proper understanding of the Georgia LGBTQ family law and understand how to apply everything to your situation to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Before same-sex marriages were legalized in Georgia, people entered into civil unions where they shared belongings, homes, businesses and finances. When it comes to alimony cases in Georgia LGBTQ divorce, the courts might not recognize the full length of your relationship if you were in a domestic partnership or married in another state as well as cohabiting for many years.

Therefore, your alimony case might be hurt especially because alimony is usually calculated based on the length of your relationship as recognized by the court. In most LGBTQ alimony cases, the financial awards might be lower than what would be awarded for heterosexual couples.

Note that, in any type of divorce, there isn’t a specific formula in place to calculate alimony. If there is no desertion or adultery and the spouse has the ability or need to pay, a judge will then weigh each factor to determine if alimony is appropriate, how long and how much should be paid in terms of alimony.

Note that alimony payments are usually periodic so they are paid monthly or weekly until the court orders them to stop. In some cases, the court might order the paying spouse to pay a lump-sum payment to the other spouse. However, these are rare because most spouses don’t have such large amounts.

Understanding the legalities of alimony payments for LGBTQ couples might be tough, especially in Georgia, that’s why you should call our law firm today to speak to the best Fayetteville LGBT family law attorneys.

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LGBTQ individuals have become accepted countrywide but there are a lot of restrictions that might hinder their way of life. However, if you feel that you have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, we are here to help. We understand LGBTQ rights in Georgia and are here to help. We are ready to go to court and make sure that your rights are respected whether as an individual or on the family front.

On the other hand, a lot of LGBTQ couples have started their families. In most cases, they might face restrictions especially with adoptions but we are ready to fight on your behalf to make sure that you can adopt and have a family as you please. When it comes to divorce, it might be a little different from heterosexual couples but with our proper understanding of same-sex couple divorces, we are ready to help.

At Wade Law, you can always count on the best experts to assist with any LGBTQ matter you might be going through. Whether you want to change your legal name or simply looking to adopt, we are here to help. If you are seeking child custody, establishing parental rights, child support payments, or simply looking for easy separation or divorce, we are here to help. As LGBTQ allies, we are here to help in any matter.

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