Georgia Car Accident: Don’t Tell Your Insurance Company This

Car accidents in Georgia can be very unpleasant and a huge blow to your finances. When you get into a Georgia car accident the most important thing that you should do immediately is to inform your insurance company about it and file a compensation claim for it. Any delay in this can lead to loss of the recompense that you deserve for your financial loss as well as physical injuries if there are any. They are liable to pay for the damages, repairs, and healthcare charges.

Insurance companies are not easy to deal with. These companies will try their best in most cases to not give you the compensation that you deserve after the accident and if they do they will do their best to give less than you deserve. Things that you say and tell regarding the accident to the insurance companies are a key determining factor in getting the compensation that you deserve. In this article, we will guide you and tell you the things that you should never say or tell your insurance company about so that the recompense that you get is enough to cover your loss and damages. When you say something that the insurance provider finds suspicious, might raise a red flag to them. Although you are stating the facts, interrupted speaking, or providing irrelevant details might be used against you.

Things Not to Say after Georgia Car Accident; Explained by Accident Attorneys in Georgia:

Don’t Admit Your Fault:

After the car accident when you’re talking to the insurance provider, the other driver, or even to the police, never make the mistake of admitting your fault. Make sure you never do that because this means that you have lost the case already even when the other driver was equally at fault. Don’t apologize or say ‘I was at fault’ or ‘I’m really sorry’ whenever you’re communicating with anyone related to the accident. Although your intention might just be to be nice and polite, the other party might use this against you as fault admission.

Don’t Show Uncertainty:

While you are communicating with the insurance company make sure that you’re only talking about the facts of the Georgia car accident. Any statement that gives the impression of guess or uncertainty will not go in your favor and can be used against you. Never say phrases like ‘I think’ or ‘I guess’ when talking to the insurance provider and if he/she asks you anything you don’t know simply don’t answer that question. Don’t say anything that you’re not sure about and that isn’t a fact.

Don’t Say that you’re well:

When the insurance provider asks you about your health and physical wellbeing never say that you’re fine or that you’re okay even casually. This statement of yours can be used against you as well because right after the accident there’s an adrenaline rush in your body and that can prevent you from feeling any injuries and some injuries are naturally don’t appear immediately but show up later on. So make sure that you don’t make any such statement before the doctor has properly examined you.

Don’t Give the Name or Contact of Anyone Else:

Never make the mistake of providing your insurance provider with the names and contacts of any other person such as your close family and friends or the health care professional who’s dealing with you. The insurance providers usually try to contact these people and get other details of the accident and someone might knowingly or unknowingly give wrong info that will be used against you.

Don’t Immediately Say that You Have Whiplash:

Using whiplash after a car accident is a very common claim that people try to make even when they don’t have one. So never say immediately after the accident that you have whiplash until the doctor doesn’t diagnose it or else the insurance provider will be suspicious.

Don’t Mention Not Having a Lawyer:

If you don’t have a personal injury or car accident lawyer, don’t tell the insurance provider about it. Insurance companies try to benefit from such weak cases that don’t have a strong legal team. So in case, you don’t have a lawyer get one as soon as possible.

Don’t Say Yes to the First Offer They Make:

The insurance provider will try to take advantage of your current situation and panic and will immediately make you an offer. Never accept the first offer you’re made by them. These offers give very little and often are not enough to cover your loss and injuries. So it is critical to discuss this with your personal injury or accident lawyer before accepting anything.

Contact A Qualified Georgia Car Accident Lawyer:

Our Georgia accident lawyers have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies after Georgia car accidents and will get your rightful compensation so get in touch today for a free consultation.

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