What If My Insurer Fails to Investigate My Georgia Car Accident Claim?

Insurers may not be dependable in every Georgia car accident claim. After a terrible crash, people sustain multiple injuries. From fractures to tissue damage, anything can be a possibility after an accident. The worst part, individuals don’t only sustain physical damage but mental trauma as well. Everyone must get medical assistance after such unwanted incidents. Sometimes, additional therapy is required for complete recovery.

All these medical procedures and therapy sessions cost a lot of money which isn’t easy to manage for every victim. Thus, every state allows victims of such crashes to file claims. If you face a traumatizing experience, you can file a Georgia car accident claim to get maximum support. You were injured due to another person’s negligence, so you should be compensated.

Every year hundreds of people suffer due to motor vehicle crashes. According to statistics, in 2020, nearly 1600 people died on Georgia highways. Thousands ended up in the emergency rooms of hospitals and were in miserable conditions. Such people have the complete right to file a claim. They can file a claim through their insurance or demand compensation from the party at fault.

The money comes in handy for medical bills, medicine expenditures, and repairs. However, this process is not as easy. Many insurance companies deny claims based on incomplete investigations. Some do not even investigate. If such an issue occurs in your case, do not panic. You can avail legal options to help your case.

What to Do in Case an Insurance Company Denies Your Georgia Car Accident Claim?

Every individual has some legal rights. It includes the right to file a case if someone rejects your claim without a proper investigation. An insurance company must always carry out a thorough investigation of your claim before accepting or rejecting it. No matter how trivial the matter might be, it’s a standard procedure that cannot be ignored.

Those companies who deny your claim without justifying their reasons are wrong, and legal actions should be taken against them. Also, if you suffered injuries in a crash due to another person’s fault, their insurance company should pay you. Of course, you will file a Georgia car accident claim through your personal insurance first, but the other party will pay for damages as well.

How Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

With the help of a lawyer, you can sue your insurance company if they are not doing their job properly. They must investigate the entire scenario, and if they don’t, they are at fault. In such circumstances, one should not hesitate before taking help from an attorney. All that you need to do is make sure, that your insurance policy doesn’t have a clause forbidding you from doing so. Several insurance agencies have policies that make their clients unable to file a lawsuit against them. Therefore, look at the insurance company’s policies to check your options.

With an insurance company having no such rules, a person is free to register a bad-faith lawsuit against them. It will show that the company failed to investigate the matter properly. You can also blame them for your miserable condition because they did not pay you the rightful compensation.

On the other hand, if a company does prohibit you from filing a case against them, you can use other methods. Like using binding arbitration to reach a solution. It comes in handy when two parties are in a constant disagreement. Another possibility is to avail the option of mediation or alternative dispute resolution. These options might be limited in number, but with the help of an attorney, victims can settle the issue. Having a strong legal team always saves the day.

Hiring Professional Accident Attorneys in Georgia:

Insurance companies must act responsibly in such matters. An accident can create several problems in the lives of a survivor. Thus, a thorough investigation is a must. These companies need to value the viewpoints of both sides instead of showing partiality. Sadly, a lot of companies carry out a partial analysis and conclude based on incomplete evidence.

If you also face a similar situation in life, then contact our experts. Our auto accident lawyers in Georgia can help you get your rightful compensation. Such cases are very tricky to handle, and you need constant support. Lucky for you, we provide complete guidance on these matters.

Our lawyers collect all the necessary evidence, including medical records and documentation to prove that your claim was authentic. Protecting you and your rights is our first concern, so have faith in our attorneys. Contact our team today to discuss the details of your ongoing case.

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