Are There Any Mistakes That Can Ruin My Georgia Auto Accident Claim?

Car accidents can be rather costly, both financially and physically. So, if you happen to be driving through Clayton County, on a beautiful day in the Blue Ridge Mountain area, and a car crosses the line hitting you, take note of the following mistakes people have made that can completely ruin an insurance claim, as well as a chance to recoup personal losses in a lawsuit.

Do I Need to Hire a Georgia Attorney?

Some people believe they can save money by handling their claims by themselves. However, it could turn out to be far more costly if you don’t have experience in legal battles, especially having to do with cases involving auto accident injuries and damage.

Insurance companies are not known for being charitable or, in some cases, even fair. In fact, they often do their best to make sure you get as little as possible. That is why it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney when you have suffered monetary loss, physical injuries, or even emotional distress. And, not just any attorney. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a tax attorney to work on a case regarding your injuries stemming from a car crash.

Experienced attorneys at Wade Law Offices will fight for what you are entitled to and help guide you in the steps you need to take to assure the best possible outcome in recouping all damages you have suffered as a result of your car accident.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

It is a rare exception that it would be advisable to give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company. They are not working for you and will not be working in your best interest. In fact, they have one goal only and that is to diminish your claim as much as possible, if not outright get it tossed. And, agreeing to provide a statement, could give them the ammunition they need to get the claim rejected. The insurance adjuster knows how to ask questions in a way to get the answers they want. Unfortunately, those can be answers that hurt your chances of getting compensation for your injuries.

If you talk to a Clayton car accident lawyer, they will strongly advise you not to accommodate the adjusters by providing a recorded interview. There are some exceptions to this rule, but the experienced attorneys are  Wade Law will let you know whether you should go forward with making a statement. If it’s determined that you’re in a rare circumstance where it’s needed, Wade Law will help you prepare that statement.

However, keep in mind, this is not the same as making a statement with your own insurance company. Giving a statement to your own insurance company is typically required.

What if I Delay Getting Medical Attention?

If you suspect you are injured in the auto accident, seek medical attention right away. It’s perhaps one of the biggest mistakes a person pursuing a car crash lawsuit or claim could make. If you have been in a car accident, and you didn’t get medically checked out right away, an insurance company will pounce on that hesitation. They will question if you were injured at all, if you didn’t hurt enough to go to the hospital or see your doctor shortly after the accident.

Sure, you might have legitimate reasons for not getting in right away. For example, some injuries don’t manifest themselves until later. It’s entirely possible that you thought your sore knee was just a bruise, but turns out to be a tear in the ligaments or tendons. Or, there could be internal injuries you might not see until they worsen. This all makes sense to the medical field, but that won’t stop an insurance company from making it appear otherwise to a non-medical jury.

At the very least, make sure you are seen by a medical professional as soon as possible after the accident. If nothing is found right away, you will at least have it documented that you made the attempt.

What if My Medical Treatment is Inconsistent? 

After you are injured, there may be times when you don’t feel like going to physical therapy or you miss an appointment at the doctor’s office. The more inconsistent you are with treatments and appointments, the more help you are providing the other side. If they can produce evidence of inconsistency, the more likely they will be able to convince the jury that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim, because they will make it appear that you aren’t taking the treatments seriously.

If you have hired an attorney with Wade Law Offices, make sure you keep them informed of all treatments and doctor appointments, including the ones you missed.

Do I need to Disclose My Prior Injuries?

An insurance company or attorneys for the other side will probably use any previous injuries against you and your claim. Their argument will be that your injuries were not caused by the car crash, because they are not new.

However, Georgia law states that a negligent driver will be responsible for any injuries either caused by the auto accident, or a pre-existing injury that is aggravated. Still, you should be upfront about any pre-existing injuries, because if you are not, your credibility will be weakened in the eyes of the court, which could jeopardize your case.

I Don’t Need to Notify My Insurance Company When Hit While Walking, Right?

Wrong. Insurance companies need to be notified and failure to do so can put your case at risk. Surprisingly to most, this is also true when you are hit by a car while walking. If this happens, you need to let your car insurance company know. Or, perhaps you were involved in an accident as a passenger in someone else’s car. You need to notify your own insurance company then as well.

Many insurance companies have provisions in their policies which require you to contact them with details about the accident in a timely manner. If you fail to do so, they have the right to deny your claim. An experienced car accident lawyer from Wade Law will be able to assist you as to which companies you will need to notify.

Should I Share Information about the Accident on Social Media?

In today’s world, the norm for many people is to post everything that happens in any given day on their social media page. And, while it might be tempting to talk about something as significant as an accident, your attorney will strongly advise against it.

Anything you post could haunt your case, even the most seemingly benign statement. For example, posting about going to a baseball game, when your back injury has prevented you from working could get your case thrown out of court before it even starts.

The above are all mistakes that are commonly made after getting into an auto accident. To get the best results for a vehicle accident claim against your insurance company, call Wade Law Offices today. Wade Law Offices serves the Clayton County area of Georgia. An experienced Georgia car accident lawyer will make sure you do not make mistakes that could cost you deeper in the end than it would to hire someone to defend your rights.

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