Safety Tips to Avoid Georgia Motorcycle Accidents in the Rain

Georgia motorcycle accidents tend to go up in spring. The weather in Georgia becomes very pleasant during the spring season and it is awaited by everyone, especially motorcyclists who hit the road again as soon as spring arrives. The pleasant weather is the best time for them to satisfy their bike ride cravings. However, along with the lovely weather comes the rain and wet weather conditions as well which can be a big risk for motorcyclists and can lead to serious Georgia motorcycle accidents.

Although rain is not as deadly as icy roads, it may still be hazardous for motorcycle riders, and it may require specific abilities to successfully traverse wet highways. As harmless as it may seem, rainy weather has its associated risks and hazards and does have a variety of effects on highways and road traffic, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

When it’s raining, bikers should be very careful and undertake special precautions to ride on the road for this weather condition to avoid a dangerous accident.

How Does Wet Weather Increase the Chances of a Motorcycle Crash?

Precipitation may reduce visibility range and surface friction, as well as cause vehicle lane obstacles. As a result, it would be more challenging for motorists to control their vehicles safely. Heavy rainfall can also affect grip, motorist competency, highway treatment, traffic light synchronization, speed limit regulation, and coordination as well along with other major factors.

All the above-mentioned scenarios put motorcyclists at even more risk because motorbikes are relatively unstable as compared to other three or four-wheeled vehicles. For this reason, motorcyclists may be much more prone to accidents in wet weather, especially on slippery pavements. A motorcyclist’s danger of losing grip and stability is higher because they only have two wheels. Rainfall, when combined with low vision and other variables, may be extremely dangerous.

Tips to Avoid Georgia Motorcycle Accidents in the Rain:

Here are some useful tips that will help you stay safe in rainy weather while riding a bike and also help you avoid Georgia motorcycle accidents.

  • When riding in rainy weather, the appropriate protection gear may have a huge and considerably helpful impact on your safety. Before your next rainy ride, consider using a waterproof raincoat, waterproof gloves, waterproof boots, anti-fog helmet, breath shield, face shield with automatic defrost, and neck warmer, etc.
  • Adjust the accelerator gradually and increase the speed slowly in small steps instead of a sudden increase
  • In order to prevent having to brake quickly and immediately, try to utilize a lower leaning angle and apply the brakes very slowly and gradually
  • Junctions are very dangerous in rainy weather so motorcyclists have to be extra careful at junctions. There is usually oil accumulation at junctions from other vehicles so the best thing to do is to reduce your speed greatly and have a careful look at your backside for any vehicle if you stop at a red light
  • In wet weather, it is always a smart thing to keep a sharp eye out for utility hole covering and sealant pavements, since both can greatly impair wheel grip and be a cause of an accident
  • In order to maintain your grip, stability, and mobility while on the road, try riding your bike on the dry patch that is available on the road or highway. In this way, you will be at a lower risk of getting into an accident

When Do You Need the Help of a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

In many cases, none of the above-mentioned reasons cause the accident.  The reason for the accident might be the carelessness of another motorist on the road. The majority of insurance firms are always seeking reasons to deny victim claims and avoid paying for their damages. They will do it in ways which you will find difficult to grasp, and you will only find out what happened after your application is refused.

No matter what the circumstances are, you must never tolerate a vehicle insurance claim rejection. You still might be able to receive compensation for your losses and damages if you work with an experienced attorney.

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