How to Prepare for Deposition in a Georgia Car Crash Case

A car accident deposition in Georgia is a crucial part of any lawsuit. There are several stages involved when you file a lawsuit for a car accident case. It begins with filing a lawsuit and leads to the second step of the discovery phase. In discovery, each party analyzes the other party’s position along with gathering evidence for the trial. The main part of the discovery phase is deposition.

A car accident deposition involves each side, allowing them to ask questions from other people to gather important information about the case. If you have filed the lawsuit, it makes you a plaintiff. A plaintiff must remain very careful during the process of deposition. It can directly impact the outcomes of your case. Car accidents bring physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial burden. In 2019, there were 1,537 motor accident deaths reported only in Georgia.

Things to Consider for a Car Accident Deposition in Georgia:

You should be aware of the following things before the deposition begins:

  • A Variety of People Can Be Included in a Deposition:

Any person with the relevant information regarding the case can be involved in the deposition including:

  • Police officers
  • Passengers
  • Witnesses
  • Doctors and medical staff
  • Drivers

The relevant person must be given reasonable notice in writing by the defendant’s attorney. It should include the place, date, and time of deposition.

  • Be Very Careful About What to Say:

As the plaintiff, you will be required to bring at least one deposition. The defendant party can ask questions about the case. Be prepared for several questions as you will be dealing with the defendant’s attorney. Provide little details, because the defendant’s attorney will try to get maximum information to help their case. Don’t give unnecessary information, and remain to the point. Don’t lie and provide factual information.

  • It’s Alright If You Don’t Remember Something:

If you don’t know about certain details or if you don’t remember just say it clearly. Avoid giving information that you are not sure about in your car accident deposition. It can harm your case.

  • Be Prepared

Your attorney will prepare you for your car accident deposition in Georgia. They will guide you about:

  • Going through the documents and information you have already provided
  • Ensure your testimony aligns with the information the other party has
  • Reviewing documents like the police report and medical records
  • Going over the information about accidents and injuries with the attorney
  • Few People Will Be at the Deposition:

Only the plaintiff and their attorney are present at the car accident deposition along with the other party and their attorney. If other parties are involved in the lawsuit their attorneys are also present. The court reporter and witnesses are there as well.

  • The Defendant’s Attorney Will Be Noticing Your Movements:

The defendant’s attorney will be noticing all your actions apart from the answers you will be giving. Your attitude, the way you act, everything will be noticed. You can go over with your attorney to handle this.

  • Inconsistencies in Your Story Will Be Noticed by the Defendant:

To establish that you are unreliable, the other defendant will look for inconsistencies. If you said you were driving at 40 but later you say it was 50, the defendant can point this out to say that you can’t be trusted.

  • Irrelevant Questions:

Random irrelevant questions are asked on purpose by the defendant. Your attorney will object to something inappropriate. You should remain calm and don’t let such questions throw you off.

  • Your Lawyer Will Ask Questions Too:

Give brief answers to the defendant, if you think some information is left out remember your attorney will be able to ask questions later.

  • Speaking Clearly:

Avoid nodding or shaking your head, everything you say will be recorded. Speak clearly and provide a relevant answer.

  • A Copy of Your Testimony Can Be Requested:

Following the deposition when your testimony has been typed, both parties can use it and access it for the trial. Your attorney can contact the court reporter to receive a copy of the testimony.

If you want to make corrections, you will be given a time of 30 days to review the document and sign it. You will have to return it with corrections.

Get in Touch With a Georgia Car Accident Attorney:

If you or your family were a victim of a car accident, know your legal rights through a Georgia car accident attorney. Speak to our professionally trained attorneys to receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will assist you throughout the case. We aim to attain successful outcomes.

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