Texting While Driving Accident Attorneys in Georgia

Texting while driving is not only extremely dangerous for you, but also for those around you at that point in time. It is a major distraction and should be avoided at all times. On average, reading a text takes more than five seconds and that is enough for a life-threatening accident to take place. Even if it takes you one second to read a text, it’s still not worth risking your life, health, and the safety of others. Taking your hands off the wheel and your mind and your eyes off the road result in the loss of three main attention types: manual, cognitive, and visual, respectively.

Despite the dangers of texting while driving, some people still opt to do this and risk their own lives and of those around them. Accident attorneys in Georgia can be hired to compensate for damages you have faced as a result of a careless driver. In some states, it’s illegal to drive and use your mobile phone or any such device which causes you to be distracted from the road ahead. When a driver looks at their cell phone or any such device, their focus and brain activity is focused on their device and not the road ahead.

Is Using Your Phone While Driving Illegal?

In Georgia, the use of hand-held mobile phones, reading or writing texts, recording or viewing videos, and reading or posting on social media is strictly prohibited by state law. In some cases, hands-free devices are allowed; however, it is strictly banned for bus drivers and those below the age of eighteen. Furthermore, other activities, such as using your internet browser application to search up a local restaurant’s number, are also banned. While this doesn’t technically fall under texting while driving, it uses the same type of motor control. Those violating these rules and regulations are fined and receive a point on their drivers’ license.

What are the Exceptions?

Using your phone, for texting while driving or other purposes, is permissible in some specific circumstances such as:

  • Respondents of law, fire department, or emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Reporting an accident, a crime, or emergency- for example, calling the police
  • For navigational purposes and the use of GPS such as Google Maps
  • Radio or stereo
  • In-vehicle security
  • Dashboard cams

Primary and Secondary Enforcement:

Primary enforcement refers to the police pulling over the driver for violating state driving laws. Secondary enforcement occurs when the driver violates the driving law as well as breaks another law simultaneously. For example, crossing a red light while using their cell phone. In Georgia, primary enforcement is common whereby a police officer can pull you over and fine you for texting while driving. Even if it is either of the above, it is still a huge risk and is prohibited by state law.

Getting Hit by a Careless Driver:

Accident attorneys in Georgia can be hired if you have been a victim of carelessness and violation of driving laws by a driver. A personal injury lawyer can help you be represented throughout Georgia and get you justice for the damage that has been done to you. If someone breaks a safety rule and puts you in danger, according to the law it is a clear form of negligence. Thus, it is their responsibility to compensate you for their behavior. Apart from being fined, the state also decides on the punishment for the driver, taking into consideration the severity of the injuries and damages caused by them. Their life-threatening action has consequences that affect not only themselves but also those who were, unfortunately, part of the accident.

Getting Compensation Through a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer:

Hiring a Georgia car accident lawyer can help you maximize your compensation claim, emphasize the extent of your injury, and gather all necessary evidence required for you to get justice for being in an unfortunate situation. Cell phone related deaths are now increasingly common, which is why texting while driving is such a point of contention. Drivers tend to use their cell phones a lot more, which shifts their mental focus from driving to the conversations they are having on their phones. This behavior is so dangerous that it is often compared to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is of utmost importance to be able to prove that the driver was using their phone and that was the cause of the crash. Building a strong claim is important to get monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, suffering, emotional trauma, and any other expenses. Contact accident attorneys in Georgia today and get help to receive just compensation and make sure that you are protected!

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