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Car accidents can be traumatic events – both physically and mentally. Even if you do not suffer any physical injuries at all, the mental stress of the situation can leave you shaking and nervous for hours afterwards. When injuries or death are involved, the pain and trauma only magnify. Unfortunately, Georgia experiences its fair share of traffic injuries and fatalities:

  • In 2013, 1,179 traffic fatalities were reported;
  • That same year, 116,458 traffic injuries were recorded; and
  • The top three Georgia counties for traffic fatalities in 2010 and 2011 included Fulton County, DeKalb County, and Gwinnett County.

The moments following a car accident can be frightening and unsettling. It is important that you take care of yourself and any injuries you may have. Others who may be injured should be attended to if you are able to do so, feel comfortable doing so, and can do so without causing yourself greater injury. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible can help you regain a feeling of being “in control” and is a smart move for protecting your legal rights and interests.

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There are many aspects about a Georgia car accident that you cannot control, but there is one thing that rests squarely on your shoulders: retaining an aggressive and committed Fayetteville car accident lawyer to help you navigate the upcoming legal maze. Georgia attorney Jonathan Wade is dedicated to helping car accident victims injured in wrecks throughout the state recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. While money cannot heal wounds or repair broken bones, Mr. Wade knows that a sufficient compensation award can allay any fears or worries you may have about how you will make ends meet. Contact his office today and see how Fayettevildle lawyer Jonathan Wade can assist you in the aftermath of a car accident.

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