Dealing with Left Hand Turn Accidents In Georgia

A left-hand turn accident in Georgia refers to the accidents that were caused due to taking an illegal left-hand turn. What makes a left-hand turn illegal or outside the road traffic laws? If you were injured due to a left-hand turn accident in Georgia, you have the right to file a lawsuit with the help of a Georgia accident attorney. On the contrary, the vehicle’s driver will be considered at fault for the accident. Here is more on the same.

Circumstances under which left-hand turn is illegal

It is perfectly legal to take a left-hand turn in Georgia, provided it is safe to do so. A left-hand turn is illegal if it fulfils any of the below conditions:

  • You took a left hand when it wasn’t your right of way i.e., a pedestrian signal was on
  • The speed of the vehicle was above the limits, i.e., anything above 30kmph
  • The driver ran over a red light when taking a left turn (which led to the accident). A driver has to wait for a few seconds and come to a complete stop before taking a left turn.

Left turn hand laws in Georgia

Here is what Georgia’s right turn laws say. If these laws are violated, the driver will be considered at fault for a left turn accident. All the road safety laws in Georgia are mentioned in the Georgia Department of Driver Services Drivers Manual.

  • The driver should first give an appropriate signal before turning left. They should give sufficient time to the driver in front of them and behind to notice you are going to take a left-hand turn
  • Move to the far left of the road well before time before taking the turn or switching to the turning lane, if available.
  • The driver should keep the wheels straight until beginning to turn
  • Give the right of way to the pedestrians and bicyclers first before taking the turn
  • When the traffic signal permits, and it is safe to do so, take the turn so that the vehicle is in the lane of your direction of traffic or closest to the Centre lane, if there is no centre lane
  • If there are multiple lanes you are turning from, complete the turn such that your vehicle ends up in the corresponding lane you are turning to
  • Once your vehicle has entered the intersection to take a left turn, you cannot change lanes
  • You should stop until the pedestrian on the crosswalk you are about to take the left turn is cleared completely. Look for the pedestrian signal ‘Walk’ before taking the turn. When there is a green light, the pedestrians are also authorized to cross the crosswalk simultaneously, as you can make the left turn. Wait before the path is cleared onto the lane you are about to make the left turn.

How to establish fault in a left turn accident in Georgia?

The burden of proof in a left turn accident in Georgia falls on the victim of the accident. A personal injury attorney in Georgia is duly responsible for establishing the fact that the driver of the vehicle was at fault before the court.

Here are some ways how a fault can be established in a left turn accident:

  • Not giving the right of way, thinking they have enough time to make a turn
  • Providing evidence that they overlook a pedestrian or bicycler crossing the crosswalk
  • Proving that the driver was intoxicated or was distracted while driving that caused the accident
  • Not giving proper signal before taking a turn
  • Changing lanes at the last minute
  • Giving CCTV records that show the driver ran over a red light before making the turn

If you are a pedestrian or the other not-at-fault driver, you can still get compensation for your injuries or damage. In the case of a pedestrian accident, it is easier to establish fault as a pedestrian is considered in a more vulnerable position in case of road accidents.

If the accident involves another vehicle, there are greater chances that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will force the modified comparative rule. In such a case, both drivers are considered partially at fault for the accident, and the compensation amount is greatly reduced. You can consult an experienced car accident attorney in Georgia to avoid losing your right to compensation.

Evidence used in left turn car accidents in Georgia

It is fairly easy to find evidence in case of left-turn car accidents compared to other road accidents. Here are some of the pieces of evidence that can be used:

  • Police report

Like in every road accident, a police report forms a base of evidence in case of a left turn accident. The report specifies the detailed investigation of the accident, including at-fault driver name, parties involved in an accident, right of way, etc.

  • Traffic camera footage

Intersections have traffic cameras installed that are used for penalizing traffic violations. Such cameras act as the main evidence in case of left turn accidents. They provide a clearer picture of the accident. It also reveals the speed of the vehicles involved in the accident.

  • Interview of witnesses

The witness of the accident also helps in establishing fault. Other drivers, pedestrians, or first responders of the accident describe what happened. Sometimes expert witnesses like doctors also act as witnesses in disputed claims.

  • Investigations involving accident reconstructions

An interactive video can help in understanding the situation well. Modern-day court evidence also uses software and other investigative techniques that help the judge better understand the crash, aiding in a thorough verdict.

A personal injury attorney in Georgia can help you file a lawsuit for a left turn accident. They can fight for your rights and help you get compensated for your losses, be it physical and mental injuries, vehicle damages, loss of income, talking to the insurance company, and more.

You do not have to worry about costs, as most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. According to this, they cut a fixed percentage from the amount recovered as their fee. There is no payment if nothing is recovered, except the plaintiff has to bear the costs of court fees and other related expenses.

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