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There is no such thing as a “good injury,” but in terms of severity, a devastating injury is considered to be the worst. These kinds of injuries usually result in more complications than just physical disabilities. These injuries almost always need ongoing physical therapy as well as medical costs that can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the victim.

Understanding what you should do following the incident and how to make payments after suffering a severe accident can cause anxiety and stress. It’s possible to not return to work for several months or even years following an injury. Wade Law’s Jonesboro catastrophic injury lawyers can help gain some stability. We strive to accomplish this by ensuring that the responsible party for your injury is the person who will provide the money to pay those high medical expenses.

Our experienced attorneys are able to prove liability and be successful in settling claims within Georgia. Georgia. We’ve been practicing law for over 60 years and have assisted clients to win compensation in various personal injury claims. We aim to alleviate the stress and financial burden associated with devastating injuries.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury claim differs from a personal injury case due to the extent and long-lasting impact of the injuries. A catastrophic injury is generally not legally recognized and has distinct requirements. But, Georgia law does outline catastrophic injuries as a result of laws governing workers’ compensation. The same rules can be used to identify accidents that happen outside of the workplace.

The following injuries are deemed to be catastrophic under workers’ compensation law:

  • A sprain that causes the need to amputate an ankle, foot, or arm.
  • Any injury that results in the effective loss or damage of a leg, foot, and arm.
  • Paralysis of the limbs or your torso caused by a spinal cord injury.
  • Third-degree and second-degree burns that extend over more than 1/4th of the body.
  • Third-degree burns if they exceed 5 percent of the victim’s face.
  • Any injury that leads to total blindness.
  • Any brain injury which results in an impairment in communication or brain function, or results in ongoing neurological problems.

A severe injury is one that leads to the loss or damage to the major components of your personality. It can affect your vision, ability to move, and your legs. These injuries can be life-long and could not lead to a complete recovery.

These injuries are serious and require immediate attention. It is very costly. It’s a good idea to claim compensation for any injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Statistics

These kinds of injuries are far more common than we would prefer. More than 166 people die each day because of TBI (traumatic brain injuries). Just 26 percent of TBI patients recover within 5 years. A longer recovery time means more expensive medical expenses, as well as a greater need for compensation. TBIs have cost patients upwards of $1.5 billion every year.

Although the amount of spinal cord injuries (SCIs) is lower than what was expected, however, it’s still alarming. Experts estimate that around 17900 cases of SCI are reported every year. Based on the same research that found 78 percent of SCI cases involve men. Most of these cases are caused by vehicle accidents, but a good number are caused by workplace accidents.

Amputations for trauma can be unplanned medical procedures that are often caused by a severe injury. Every year, there are about 30,000 traumatic amputations in the United States. Like SCIs and most amputations occur as a result of car accidents The second highest percent occurring at work. 70 percent of all traumatic injuries involve the upper legs. About 80 percent of all trauma Amputation patients are male.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Catastrophic Injuries?

It varies a lot based on the severity of the injury and the area of the body that was affected. Regardless of injury type, almost all patients experience the same long-lasting effects. They include:

Long-Term Financial Loss

It is common to need continuing physical therapy or medical care for several years. These expenses can quickly add up and can become overwhelming in only a couple of months.

Career Change/Loss

Chances are, you’re not going to be working for a few months after suffering a severe injury. It is possible that you will eventually be back at your place of work or you may be unable to work in the same line of work. A lot of patients have to change careers after making progress with recovery.

Lifestyle Changes

These injuries could affect movements, thinking, and your senses. They may require medical treatment and ongoing therapy. Chronic pain can restrict the activities a patient can engage in. This could result in major lifestyle changes for the majority of patients.

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Do I Have the Right to Sue for a Catastrophic injury?

Absolutely. Georgia does not differentiate between catastrophic and standard injuries unless it’s part of a workers’ comp claim. It is possible to file an injury claim the way you normally would. Georgia is also a modified comparative negligence state. This means you can sue even if your accident was partially your fault.

What’s the Benefit of Hiring a Jonesboro Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

These are the most important reasons you should hire an experienced lawyer to handle your case involving devastating injuries.

Gather Evidence

Our primary responsibility as lawyers is gathering the evidence needed in order to prove the guilt of the defendant. We need to establish that the person who caused the injury is responsible and accountable for any costs.

Negotiate for an Out of Court Settlement

We’d like to settle your claims without having to go to the court system, which means you will get the money faster. In the case of a catastrophic injuries, insurance companies are not always willing to make concessions. We’ll continue to fight for you until we’ve secured an acceptable settlement that covers your losses.

Assist You If You Go to Trial

Sometimes an insurance company will fight back and refuse to cover the cost of damages as long it is possible. This is when we bring the case before a judge and present the evidence before an impartial judge or jury. If the insurance company can’t recognize the rationale, we can be sure that a jury made up of your peers will.

What Damages Can I Get in a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

There are three kinds of damages are available for personal injury claims. They are:

Economic Damages

These losses can be proven using financial records like receipts, bills, and statements. These include lost wages, medical expenses, and costs for physical therapy.

Non-Economic Losses

The worth of these damages cannot be established by financial calculations. These damages include mental anguish loss of reputation, mental anguish, as well as other damage that is intangible.

Punitive Damages

The damages may be used as punishment against the defendant. They don’t need to be coupled with any loss that the victim suffers. They can be enforced in the event that the defendant was acting in a clear and reckless or unsafe manner.

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